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here are 10 digital products you sell to earn money

I am sure you are already aware of what digital products are. Digital products are intangible goods that only exist in a digital form. In the article on why you should sell digital products, I included everything you need to know about digital products. Let us keep the introduction short because you want to discover the various types of digital products that you can make or invest in to earn some cash.

Digital products are online intangible products.

But hold your horses. Before you go through them, you need to consider some factors that influence your choice of a digital product.

Factors like,
How much knowledge and skill that you need to invest in making the digital product.
How much time is required to make them,
How much it will cost you.
Will you need hiring experts?
Demand for the product.
Who needs the product?
What exactly do they need?

When you have answers to the above, it will be easy to find the right digital product to sell.

10 Digital products you can sell online.

1)Online courses and webinars.

Online courses are various lessons about a specific skill or value packaged and delivered online from a teacher to a student. A webinar is an online event hosted for a selected group of people through their computers using the internet.

You can design courses about anything you have a deep conviction or skill about which you believe other people can appreciate learning. It does not have to be technical or very academic. I have a ”self-reliance course on skillshare that earns me some dollars.

You have something to teach someone who can pay you some money online. Online courses can be about drawing, public speaking, language, coding, money-making, excel, graphics designing, etc.
You can sell these on platforms like skillshare, Udemy, teachable, thinkific, mighty networks, learnworlds, kajabi, etc. I tested several platforms and picked out the best 5 you can use to sell your course

2) Ebooks

I first explored the ebook selling opportunity in 2020 during the total lockdown. I wrote a book about things men can do to spice things up in the bedroom. It was something I did out of curiosity and a dare from my girlfriend.

Ebooks are online digital products

Well, I wrote the book and sold it on amazon kindle and to my friends. I made over $3000 but decided to put the book down because it is not something I would have loved to be known for.

Any way you can make a decent amount of money online selling ebooks. Write a book about something people would enjoy or learn by reading your ebook. It can be fiction or nonfiction. As tiresome as it will be, you won’t have to write the same book again. You will earn royalties until you go to heaven.
You can sell your ebook on your website or platforms like amazon kindle, blurb, Barnes& Noble, lulu press, FastSpring, Smashwords, etc.

3) Software programs, games, and applications.

My beautiful high school teacher’s description of software still stands. A set of instructions or programs used by a computer to execute a specific task. If you can make software to solve a certain computer-related problem, you can retire in less than five years.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk are billionaires because of making software. You can also make phone applications people can use to do things on their phones. Mark Zuckerberg, Brian wong, and many others have made fortunes from phone applications.

You can sell your software on various platforms like selify, podia, digital product delivery, gumroad, etc.
You can also sell your phone application on google play store, ios, Appcelerator, Sencha, etc.
If you can also design video and phone games, you can make a fortune selling them. Riccardo Zaconi made millions of dollars from the candy crash game.

4) Web elements.

Web elements are elements of a website used to structure a web page and display information in various ways. Web elements can be in form of texts, images, graphic designs, layouts, etc.

Now, this is one place less competitive yet so earning compared to the above three. Creating web elements requires skills that can be acquired in a few months of learning and practicing.

You can sell web elements on your website or other platforms like Amazon, Etsy, etc. You can also sell them on gig market platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc

5) Printables

Ludacris can make a lot of money if he decides to sue all barber shops in Africa that downloaded his photo to use on posters. Printables are images, drawings, graphic designs, and pieces of art that are downloaded and printed on tangible material like paper, shirts, posters, billboards, etc.

If you are creative, then printables are one source of income you can make good use of to earn money.
Some of the best platforms to sell printables are Etsy, Amazon, Fiverr, selify, etc.

Book cover designs are printables.

6) Membership site.

A membership site is a restricted website for a certain category of people who pay an amount of money to access information for a specified time ie weekly, monthly, or annually.

If you have some kind of information that people would benefit from, you can make money with a membership site. Membership sites include adult classes sites, stock trade alerts sites, weight loss sites, etc.
You can create a membership site on platforms like member space, CMS HUB, memberpress, yourmembership, Weebly, Wix, morweb, etc.

7) Powerpoint templates.

Millions of people use PowerPoint for presentations online and offline. Even though PowerPoint software provides some templates, great presentations come with unique and not common templates which users prefer to use.

The demand for PowerPoint templates is high. If you can design them, it’s an opportunity you can make good use of.
You can sell PowerPoint templates on Etsy, templatemonster marketplace, Fiverr, etc.

8) Music and audio.

Valuable sound can earn you a lot of money. Digital products in form of sound come in audiobooks, recorded music, soundtracks, lectures, audio courses, etc. If you are a musician you can sell music on Amazon, iTunes, and many other platforms. If you can record audiobooks, you can sell them on audible, amazon, etc,

For whatever sound digital product you can make, there is a platform you can sell it on if you do not have a personal website.

9) stock photography.

Millions of posts are made online. Millions of graphic designs are made every day. A lot of things made online require photos. However many people are not in a position to take the kind of photos they need or do not even have the time and good cameras. What do they do? They buy photographs online. I usually buy photos for my blog posts.

Photos are digital products you can sell.

You can make money taking photos and selling them online. There is a demand for all kinds of photos.
You can sell them on platforms like Alamy, 500px, SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, Etsy, istockphoto, etc.

10) NFTs.

NFTs ( Nonfungible Tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens stored on the blockchain and cannot be replicated. These store value for a tangible object or a great story behind them. NFTs are not a digital product you will understand on the first read. It will take you a few hours, days, or even weeks to get the whole concept of NFTs.

Many that have failed to understand what they are, have rendered them a scam or an online delusion. Take time and understand them. A lot of people including already made millionaires like jack Dorsey of Twitter, celebrities like snoop Dogg and many others have already jumped on the ship to make money from selling NFTs.

You may not sell at prices as high but if you give it a shot you can make some good money.
NFTs are traded on platforms like Opensea, Rarible, NBA Topshot marketplace, axie marketplace, superrare, foundation, etc.

Conclusion. There you go. Ten digital products you can make to earn thousands of dollars or even millions. The online space is filled with a lot of opportunities. It has a lot of consumers looking out for something to consume. If you want to make crazy money, switch from the side of consumers to the side of producers. Make a quality digital product and you won’t have to worry about waking up early for your 9 to 5 or failing to live the life you want. Good luck