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With a good keyword trending skillshare course idea, you will make money on Skillshare.

It takes a course on demand to make money on Skillshare. I posted an article about reasons why you should sell digital products. You do not want to miss out on the passive income that comes from digital products. They are the typical description of how to make money work for you.

An online course on Skillshare can make you money.

One of those digital products is online courses. With online courses, you can hardly go wrong if you do the right thing. Providing value in your content and selling it on the best online course platforms. One of those platforms is skillshare. I have had a great experience with it and made good money with little effort.

If you want to have a share of that skillshare money, then you need some great Skillshare course ideas you can base on to make a profitable course that you can upload on the platform and wait for money at the end of the month.

Without further ado, here are the 20 best skillshare course ideas you can use to design your first, second or tenth course.

Note: these ideas are researched basing on the foundation of how trending they are, how they match the Skillshare demographic, how much they apply in the lives of most skillshare students, and how easily they can be executed.

The 20 Skillshare course ideas you can teach

1. Buying and selling of NFTs.

NFTs ( Nonfungible Tokens) are irreplicable and unique cryptographic tokens that exist on the blockchain. With children as young as 12 years becoming millionaires from buying and selling NFTs, many people are searching for ways to learn the business. If you are well conversant with it, this is an opportunity to have them pay you to teach them.

2. How to make unique and beautiful tradable NFTs.

People are coming up with all sorts of crappy art to sell as NFTs. With their efforts futile, they are looking for that one person online to teach them how to create unique and eye-catching NFTs. You may be that one person to show them how it is done so they can pay you.

Unique art can be traded as NFT

3. How to build an NFT community.

It’s easier to make money selling NFTs if you have a stable, credible, and influential NFT community to back your art. If you can build one, you can even sell any kind of NFT at a high price to maximize your margins. How about you explore the steps and dynamics of building an NFT community and get paid for it.

4. How to create viral TikTok content.

At first, it was the young people on the platform. Now millions of old people are glued to it as well. With over a billion active users in just two years, TikTok has become a household app for many. Who knew that a 22-year-old Khaby Lame would make a net worth of $13m by just mocking overly complicated life hacks? With unique content, you can make TikTok a fun place to be and a source of income as well. But how do you do that? If you can show people how to do it, skillshare will pay you for it.

5. How to make money on TikTok.

Content for this idea may not seem so much to make a course from it. Worry not. Skillshare accepts courses with a minimum of ten minutes. If you know how to make money with TikTok, in 10 to 20 minutes you can teach skillshare students how to do it.

6. How to write a C.V

Most skillshare students are between 16 to 40 years. Young people are looking for valuable skills to learn so they can compete for jobs in the competitive jobs market. If you can help them learn how to write a good and presentable Curriculum Vitae to help them apply for jobs successfully, you will be waiting for your good payment at the end of the month.

7. How to take beautiful pictures.

At least 7 out of 10 people have a smartphone with a camera. People most especially millennials and Generation Z, love to take pictures. Many of them have to take as many as 20 pictures to find the best one. What if you can save them the trouble by teaching them how to find the best angles, lighting, and camera settings to take quality pictures. If you upload such a course on skillshare, you will be grateful for this day.

Students on Skillshare will enjoy your ”how to take pictures” course.

8. How to pause for pictures.

Taking pictures and pausing for them are two different things that come together to get a hall of fame quality picture. If you know how to pause for pictures, students on skillshare need lessons from you. They want to take the best pauses that can attract likes and shares on their social media. As simple as it may sound, it can bring you a lot of money.

9. How to be creative with your wardrobe.

Most skillshare users are millennials and Gen Z. People that love to dress and look their best yet do not have a lot of money to splash on lots of clothes. However, there is a wardrobe hack that can help them buy some starter pack clothes that they can twist a little beat to come off as fashionable with a lot of wardrobe options. Teach them how to do it and you can attract lots of students that convert into cash.

10. How to make Pinterest pins

Pinterest is a source of great website traffic and inspirational plus useful ideas. To share and attract a following on Pinterest, you need to design high-quality pins. Teach students how they can do this and then you will easily make money on skillshare.

11. How to become an influencer on Twitter.

Some people have expert knowledge in some things. Some want to attract a social media following so they can be hired to endorse products. However, they do not know how to do it. Do you? If you do, you have monetizable knowledge that can earn you money online if you package it into a Skillshare course.

12. How to protect yourself online.

The more digitalized the world becomes, the more dependent on the internet people become. Today a person wakes up and does all his personal and official work online. They will order housekeeping services, food, therapy, etc online. They will date and go on virtue trips online. Every other thing they do online, they expose a piece of information about them that if landed in the wrong hands, can cause them harm or loss. So how do people be safe online and have their information protected? If you can teach them how they can do it, a lot of students are waiting for you on skillshare.

13. How to create engaging and traffic attractive content.

For most online businesses, the first thing they need to make money is traffic. Quality content is what attracts traffic that later converts into sales. Many online entrepreneurs are looking for a way to learn how to attract traffic that is engaged on their websites. I know you know how to do it. Design a course about it then I promise you, you will earn from it.

20 skillshare course ideas you can teach.
Teach people how to write engaging content.

14. How to grow an Instagram following.

Instagram is a photo-sharing social platform. Many people post pictures consistently but fail to attract a big following. They want to be like those Instagrammers that make money from their huge following. They are looking for someone to guide them and would very much appreciate a Skillshare course.

15. How to brand yourself on social media.

Books, magazines, Tv, and radio are no longer enough to sell your brand. In fact, with a good social media strategy, you may not need them to build a strong brand. You get that by learning how to brand yourself on social media. A skillshare course about this is what many students are waiting for.

16. How to write engaging tweets.

It’s one thing to have a huge Twitter following and it’s another to have an engaged Twitter following. You would rather have 50,000 followers that retweet, like, and comment on your tweets than 100,000 followers that scroll past them. What makes your followers engaged are tweets. Many people want to learn the art of writing engaging tweets and would appreciate a Skillshare course about it.

17. How to speak and make people listen.

The ability to attract and hold attention is a powerful thing great leaders, salesmen, politicians, managers, speakers, YouTubers, etc have. If you can speak and make people stop whatever they are doing to listen, you are powerful. Unfortunately, not many people can; yet many want to. It is a skill one can learn and master. If you can teach people how to do it, they will happily pay you for it.

18. How to take and edit a professional profile picture.

With social media becoming part of our lives, a great social media profile is a must-have. One thing that makes your social media profile very authentic is a profile picture. If you are a professional, celebrity, influencer, or famous person having a good professional picture is something you shouldn’t ignore. However, it needs art. If you can teach people how to take and edit professional profile pictures, you are in for some money. I am one of those in need of that class.

19. How to speak like a copywriter.

If you think copy can only be written, there is a new trend of copy speakers. People that passionately speak with emotions then justify their emotional statements with logic. It’s a powerful and influential form of speech. Politicians and salesmen have mastered using it, and it has brought them a lot of rewards. If you can speak copy. Here is a virgin opportunity for you on skillshare.

20. How to set up a simple, cheap but classy mini YouTube studio.

Every other day new youtube channels are created. One thing that makes a quality youtube video is the place where it is shot from. Other things are lighting, audio, and video quality. YouTubers want to make their videos at high quality yet on a budget. Show them how to do it and cash will flow into your wallet.

Conclusion. There you have it. 20 Skillshare course ideas that you can capitalize on to make a sellable course. If you make it with utmost quality and a good Skillshare money-making strategy, you will establish a consistent passive income that you receive every month. You do not have to use all the ideas. Find two or three you are so much inclined to and get started. Good luck.