Aquarius spirit animal. Which one of these are you?

A spirit animal is an animal that reflects your inner traits and personality.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac timed from January 20th to February 18th. Compared to other people, Aquarians are quite advanced, very optimistic, exceptional, clever, and hungry for knowledge.

You might think that Aquarius has no spirit animal because of its lack of an animal as its base symbol just like Libra. With the water bearer as its base sign, Aquarius has a good number of spirit animals.

The Aquarian spirit animals have a lot of characteristics in common with the zodiac sign. So if Aquarius is your sign, just like the animals below you are inventive, playful, eccentric, cunning, and witty.

Without further ado, here is the list of Aquarian spirit animals.

1. The Otter

Otters in a group.

We are definitely having the cute semi-aquatic and endearing otter as our first animal on the list. Found on all continents except Australia and Antarctica, the small-eared animal has the qualities of a typical Aquarian that make it a spirit animal

Gregarious. Otters enjoy being in crowds. They are well attuned to their environment and are comfortable in groups. These are traits that Aquarians are largely attributed to.

Self-reliant. The comfortability of otters in groups does not render them vulnerable to solitude. They mix in out of necessity and can easily live alone where need be. Aquarians have zero problems with solitude either. They can rely on themselves and still thrive.

 Quirky. The otter is very unique. It behaves unusually and lives life on its terms. It freely expresses itself without any hesitancy or shame. On land or sea, an otter is an otter. Just like the otter, Aquarians have a non-conformist approach toward life and take pride in it.

 Peaceful. Otters and Aquarians are too comfortable with their lives to feel threatened. They confidently rely on their explorative and creative abilities to thrive and also live happily. This makes them peaceful and calm with no interest to fight for territory.

2. The Dolphin

Dolphins in a group

The beautiful aquatic animal is a sweetheart of many and shares the following traits with Aquarius,

Charismatic. Dolphins emit energy that attracts people to them. We love to hang around them. We love to play with them. Just like dolphins, Aquarians easily capture the attention of people around them. Aquarians have a calm, composed, assuring, and positive vibe that’s so magnetic and endearing.

Explorative. Dolphins love their world. It’s so big. They are full of freedom to explore it and experiment as they wish. In the sea, they go to all environments. They are very open to exploring the unknown. Their minds are free. Aquarians are not any different, freedom is their anthem. They love to go to unknown lands both in their minds and outside. They have a free mind open to new experiences.

Intelligent.  The intellect of dolphins and Aquarians is no doubt one of their strong attributes. The universe attests to that.  The high intelligence of dolphins makes them one of the few animals men easily interact with on friendly terms. The animal brings a level of high intelligence in the sea just like the Aquarians on land whose intelligence and creativity bring progress.

Playful. If anyone is asked to say one thing they love about dolphins, playfulness will definitely be mentioned. Just like dolphins, Aquarians never forget to play. They can laugh or find a joke in the most serious situations. They do not let life take away their joy and will easily lift their moods up. To them, life isn’t as serious as we overthink it.

Respectable.  Dolphins have god-like respect in the sea. No wonder the Greeks worshipped them. Their ability to do a lot of things other animals can’t do gives them a supernatural essence. Aquarians are held in the same light; their aura emits frequencies of godliness which make people hold them in great respect unusual. Their rich ideas and visions make them worthy of great respect.

Vibrant. Have you seen how Dolphins swim through the waters, turning and twisting, jumping from the waters, and somersaulting back? They just love their world. That is the same attitude Aquarians have toward life. Very energetic and never hesitate to take a chance to ease their curiosities.

Social. Dolphins and Aquarians do well in social settings. Dolphins love to live in a group setting, play, move and survive together. Aquarians are very comfortable around people. They have social skills that make them so good at building and nurturing relationships.

 Stubborn. I will not live this out. A dolphin will not stop blubbering when it is disagreeable. Aquarians are a hard nut to crack. If they do not get it, they will not fake it. They will defend their ideas to the bone and will not hesitate to put up resistance.

3. The Spider

A spider

When it comes to playfulness, the spider is the polar opposite of the dolphin. It is not one you can call cheerful. However, with the playful trait aside, the spider has a lot in common with the dolphin and Aquarians.

Here is what spiders have in common with Aquarians.

Individualistic. As much as Aquarians are so good with groups or social circles, they have an innate will to live life on their terms. They are comfortable with themselves and can willfully live alone if they have to. A spider builds its web and lives alone without the desire for groups.

Creative. Have you seen how beautiful cobwebs are? Spiders are so creative in living their lives. Their habitats are a work of art. Their hunting skills are so fueled with creativity. In astrology, creativity is one of the major traits of Aquarians.

Patient. Spiders invest a lot of patience in weaving their cobwebs and laying traps for their prey. Aquarians have a lot of patience in putting their intelligence and optimism into effect. They share the attribute of patience with Saturn.

 Complex. Perhaps one of the most complex signs in the zodiac behind Scorpio. Aquarius’s modern ruler, Uranus, gives the sign a broad range of potential expressions. Spiders, too, are filled with a variety of potentialities. Just like the Aquarius, they balance the dark with the light.

4. The Zebra

Zebras in a group

Our second last spirit animal is the Zebra.

One trait of the Aquarians is being naturally unique, they always have something that makes them different from others. A zebra is one with that trait. Its unique appearance sets it apart from other animals. It’s beautifully admirable.

The Aquarius will not obviously be of any unusual colors like the zebra, but if you delve or probe deeper, you will find something exceptionally unique. It may be in their fashion sense, opinions, attitude, or behavior.

The Aquarius has an ingenious and natural ability to stand out from the crowd without intended efforts to attract attention like Leo does. Just like the Zebra, Aquarius stands out.

5. The Honey badger


Unlike the dolphin or Otter, the honey badger is a lone wolf with incredible resiliency and versatility. Their emotional complexity makes them very eccentric and unpredictable. The traits of Aquarius.

Honey badgers are very indifferent to joy or sadness. They like to come off as emotionally composed, in control, and stoic. You will be hard-pressed to tell what they feel. This is similar to Aquarians who like to be more logical than emotional.

The honey badger has a lot of energy like the Aquarians. Just like the Aquarius, they prefer to follow their heart and do as they desire without the influence of conformity.


I picked out the most outstanding of all the spirit animals that match the Aquarius. Other animals that would match the sign include the horse, penguin, tiger, whale, and turtle. Even though they have some differences, many of their traits match the Aquarians. Share with me in the comments the spirit animal above that you match with.

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