Aries Spirit animal. Which of these animals is your spirit animal?

Aries, March 21 to April 19, is the first sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Mars the first house for the self, identity, and new starts. Aries’ personality is described as ambitious, spontaneous, bold, passionate, confident, impulsive, and selfish to some extent.

Aries element is fire. Indeed, Aries people always have a fire burning inside of them to do something.

Aries is a Latin word meaning a ram. A ram is associated with courage, boldness, inspiration, and persistence that breaks down the enemy’s defenses.

Aries strives for the frontline and is usually the first in everything they do. It is this ambitious desire that pushes Aries to chase success at any cost. For this Aries comes off selfish at times. It is no surprise that Aries spirit animals have an element of entitlement in them.

Aries’ spirit animals are those animals that have the traits of the Aries personality. Here are some of them.

1.The Ram.

The ram Aries spirit animal

The ram has to definitely be our number one spirit animal for Aries. It is a very strong animal with the courage and the will to take on its challenges. These traits are typical of Aries man.

Here is what the ram and Aries have in common.

Combatively aggressive. Rams and Aries do not crumble in the face of an enemy. They are aggressive and always on standby to throw a punch or knock the opposition down. You will not get away with it if you threaten their peace. They are courageously confrontational.

Self-willed. The ram and Aries are a hard nut to crack. It is going to take you a lot to graze a ram. It can only go where you want it if other rams are going there. Other than that you will either use force or give up. Aries is very hard to persuade.

Aries people will stubbornly do what they want even when everyone is against it. If the mind of Aries man doesn’t buy an idea, they will not go against it. Not for any reason.

Protective. Rams live in a herd and Aries man loves his close ones deeply. They will fiercely protect their own at the cost of anything.

2. The Tiger

The tiger Aries spirit animal

The tiger emanates strength, courage, and willpower. It is very ambitious and at the cost of anything, it will get what it wants. These are traits of Aries. The tiger is a self-reliant animal, a value Aries strives for.

Independence. Just like other fire signs like Leo with a lion, Aries greatly identifies with a tiger for its power, self reliance, dominance, and energetic state of being.

Here are the traits that define the match of the tiger to Aries.

A tactical shrewdness. If you have ever been ambushed by a tiger, then you know how tactical it is. I have witnessed a tiger ambush an antelope in the jungles of Uganda. It hides skillfully with slow and silent movements that no one can sense. Then at the right time, it jumps out from hiding to grab its prey. That’s the cleverness and tactfulness Aries has.

Aries is very ambitious. However, their ambitions are most times intelligently curbed to wait for the right moment to strike. Tigers and Aries also have strong instincts that make them accurately act on impulse hence their unpredictable.

Ferociously aggressive. Aries and the tiger’s demeanor emanate a ferocity and extreme energy that unnerves those around them. This demeanor is not faked. Its real, deep inside them burn a fire and extreme energy that would tear apart any challenge or a person that disrespects or destabilizes their wellbeing.

Gallantly Brave. The Tiger and Aries’ only enemy is fear. It is fear that would stop them from getting their prey or making use of opportunities. The tiger is fearless. It bravely faces its challenges regardless of how big it may be. Aries resents fear and is always brave when confronting any issues in its life. Aries is always on standby uninhibited by fear to grab an opportunity.

Stalwart and intent. The tiger and Aries live life on their account. They have a royal and majestic personality that shows composure and confidence. They are in control of their lives. They are responsible for their lives and hold no one accountable for their actions and decisions but themselves. No one can freak them out or intimidate them. However, beneath their aggressive disposition is a nurturing and protective heart for their loved ones.

Outstanding.  Aries and the tiger are a great source of inspiration. The tiger is dressed in beautiful skin with dark vertical stripes on orange fur with a white underside that makes it so unique. Aries man cultivates a unique personality and ambitious life that pushes him to outstanding heights that inspire many people. The personality and drive of the tiger and Aries man make the two so outstanding.

Adventurousness. The tiger and Aries man are very fearless beings that do not step back from exploring the unknown. They dig deep within themselves and their environment to find unknown places, treasures, wealth, and values that they can conquer and embrace.

Physical mightiness. The dominating and fearless demeanor of Aries and the tiger is not built on sand. Behind it is impressively high physical prowess and strength that can tear the enemy in pieces.

3. The Hawk

The hawk Aries spirit animal.

The avian animal that preys on small mammals is known as a sign of freedom in some societies. It is dependable, humble, calm, and very tenacious. These are traits of Aries and here are more:

Leadership. The hawk is a naturally made leader. The bird is very attuned to its environment and always alert to opportunities or threats that would impact its tribe. Just like the hawk, Aries has great leadership skills that make him very dependable.

Autonomous. Aries and the hawk thrive well in groups. However, the two have a unique ability to do much better independently. They will not weaken in absence of their fellows. In fact, they will be much stronger because of the trust and confidence they have in their abilities. Their independent mind and cultivated instincts enable them to accurately rely on their impulses.

High Confidence. Hawks and Aries have no self-doubt. They are very much aware of their essence, strengths, and weaknesses. They, therefore, execute their missions and tasks confidently trusting their inherent strength and superiority. However, sometimes this makes them arrogant and unadvisable.

 Flexibility. Aries man and Hawks are very quick to adapt to circumstances. Even though they are stubborn, they have an open mind and in presence of a standing reason with sufficient evidence, they can change their minds. There are quick to respond to changes in their environment with dexterity relying on their impulsive decision making.

 Powerful and strong.  One of the common traits of Aries spirit animal is strength. The hawk definitely holds this trait as well. It has a very strong beak, legs, and claws that it uses to grab its targets. The hawk is also known as the king of the sky ruling over other birds.

The hawk also has a strong vision that makes it see things far ahead. Spiritually, the hawk is known as the messenger of freedom. If you see a hawk in the wilderness, you are free and safe. Aries man just like the hawk. Treasures physical and mental strength which he uses to raise himself high. Aries man needs little effort to develop a great vision and spiritual abilities.

4. The Wolf

The wolf Aries spirit animal.

The family-oriented, playful and intelligent canine is our fourth spirit animal that matches Aries. Here is what makes it fit for our list.

Leadership. An alpha wolf leads a pack of wolves that submit to it. It is strong and leads with courage, empathy, and fearlessness. Being the first of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Aries has all traits that make the alpha wolf. Aries is strong and dominant. Aries is also nurturing and very protective of its tribe.

Socially intelligent. It is not only strength and fearlessness that make an alpha wolf capable of leading the pack. Its ability to be a lone wolf independent enough to withdraw from the pack either physically or mentally to navigate its pack for signs of a threat or opposition, equips it with high social intelligence to manage its pack.

It also socializes well with the pack showing extreme care and empathy. Aries, just like the wolf is highly sociable and easily connects with other people for his social well-being and security.

Aggressive. Wolves are very confrontational in the presence of danger. They are aggressive and will take on an enemy without fear. Aries is not any different. Aries man’s aggression will get you served if you threaten his peace.

Loyalty. Wolves, even though they survive alone, always live in a pack. They are loyal to their members and will fight with ferocity to the bone, to protect the pack. Aries man is loyal to his loved ones. He deeply cares and will show up to give a hand or protection when needed.

Intuitive. Aries and the wolf are very intuitive in nature. The two have cultivated deep trust in their instincts in that it rarely fails them. The wolf in the wilderness survives and operates on instincts. Aries man will trust his intuition first before trusting anything else.

5. The Cheetah

The Cheetah Aries spirit animal

Number five on our list is the built-for-speed cheetah. Here are the traits that qualify it for our list.

Speed and ferocity. The cheetah understands its strength, speed. It, therefore, channels its energy to nowhere but its fastness. It ferociously runs so fast. Faster than the enemy can run. And that’s how it survives. Just like the cheetah Aries man understands how his impulsiveness serves him. He uses it to serve his endeavors to get all he wants so fast.

Majestic and regal.  It may not be as royal as Leo’s lion or the tiger but the regality of the cheetah cannot be ignored. This makes it a match for the regal Aries man whose majesty comes first before other signs.

High Focus. Cheetahs have a very deep intense focus on their prey which nothing can break. Aries as well can intensely focus on a goal or task until it’s done. However, this focus usually operates in short periods that are not as long as that of Capricorn.

Authoritative. Cheetahs make their statements clearly and assertively. Their expression emanates a kind of authority that insinuates potential consequences in the event of disobedience or disrespectfulness. This is typical of Aries man. He speaks and conducts himself with authority. His voice and demeanor emanate subtle curbed vindictiveness that will be thrown upon any opposition.


There you have it, five spirit animals for Aries. One thing all these animals have in common is fearless aggression that makes their warrior spirit. Aries is a warrior. However, it has other animals that may not be warriors but embodies a side of Aries that often requires a keen eye to be noticed. The hummingbird is an Aries spirit animal that represents Aries man’s repressed emotions that sometimes make him nervous and easily triggered. The hummingbird is also vibrant, full of energy (positive vibes), and playful portraying a side of Aries man without inhibitions.

Other Aries spirit animals include the owl, the possum, the giraffe, and the eagle. Which of all these animals do you identify with. Share with me in the comment section below.

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