Becoming supernatural: How common people are doing the uncommon. Lessons from the book.

Joe Dispenza’s book ‘’Becoming Supernatural” reconciles modern science with spirituality to show man’s innate ability to heal himself and design his world as he wishes. He provides ways to change your emotions, thoughts, and energy through various meditations and activities to reprogram your mind, heart, and body to take the direction you want.

You may ask, is it possible to become supernatural? Well, that would depend on how open your mind is to various information, experiences, and testimonies to justify the answer to the question.

Joe Dispenza Neuroscientist and author of Becoming Supernatural: how common people are doing the uncommon

Being supernatural means having the ability to manifest a force or ability that is beyond conventional and scientific understanding.

I would like to convince myself that there is no such thing as supernatural to save myself the effort of entering the unknown. However, I have had experiences myself whose questions I haven’t found.

In 2011, I was on a flat in the neighborhood when I saw my mother taking a walk. A voice told me she would get an accident. It was so calm yet sudden and assertive.  I spontaneously responded ‘’no my mom is safe.’’

I went back to my business. My cell phone was off for at least 4 hours from the time. As soon as I switched it on, I got a call from my sister who broke the news to me that indeed mom had got knocked down by a speeding car. Fortunately, she sustained minor injuries and recovered.

I still can’t understand where that inner voice came from and how it got to know. Many times I have sustained gym injuries, got a rush, or experienced some pain and either alleviated symptoms or stopped the pain by just convincing my mind that am fine.

I am not saying that I have supernatural abilities and wouldn’t want to be in any position to be proving anything to any closed mind. However, just like you, I am seeking answers that Joe Dispenza clearly has a conviction about.

Maybe there is such a thing as supernatural that one can become or maybe it is just another word for human abilities that we do not know of or that science has not explored yet.

Mystical experiences.

Mystical experiences are unusual experiences, insights, spontaneities, and access to information that is beyond our consciousness. At least a third of the world’s population has had a mystical experience.

These range from Deja Vu dreams where you dream about something and it happens as it appeared in the dream, you think about someone and they show up a few minutes later or send you a text, you are in a dire situation but somehow you find a solution within your mind that you never at all expected.  

Human beings often have such experiences. However, what differs in them is the occurrence and the level of mysticism in the experiences. Some experiences are easier to believe than others.

You will find it hard to believe if I tell you about a voice that commanded me to walk away from a building only for it to collapse 10 minutes later in 2015. However, telling you that I thought about you before you called sounds like something you can let slide.

In his book ‘’Becoming Supernatural’’, Joe Dispenza aims at scientifically proving to you the actuality and factuality of mystical experiences. He aims at showing you ways to make such experiences a normal occurrence in your life.

He aims at helping you release your inhibitions to become open to receiving inner wisdom and connecting to your higher self. This he calls, suggestibility.

The book aims at making the mystical experience a normal and usual occurrence

Apart from his overly stretched anecdotal references and quite too scientific explanations, his deliberations about how our inhibitions make us less likely to access our higher consciousness were very clear and authentic.  

Inhibitions like stress, limiting beliefs, doubt, self-sabotage, and fear often push us to remain in the familiar zones to avoid exploring the unknown where all possibilities are hidden. The fewer inhibitions we have, the more mystical experiences we get.

Can you really heal yourself?

How did my 25-year-old friend Barbra become so sure that she was going to die when she got sick of COVID19? She was young, healthy, no underlying illnesses or stress. Her situation was not so critical. She said goodbye to anyone that visited her in hospital for the two weeks she was there. She posted farewell messages on her status.

Mr. John Kamara 72years old, diabetic and hypertensive affirmed that he was going to be fine. Told his family not to worry at all and filled himself with hope. Sick of COVID19 as well, his condition was ten times worse. But he seemed to have one thing Barbra didn’t have. Faith. He refused to consider death as a possibility and yes, he made it out of the hospital alive and back on his legs.

Joe Dispenza argues that our thoughts communicate to our body cells to vibrate at the frequency of the message in the thoughts. He says if you think negative thoughts for too long, your genes can be altered in that you can even pass it on to your offspring.

He tells the story of Anna who lost her husband to suicide. Left with a traumatized family to take care of, she got stressed, developed cancer and several illnesses that left her helpless for many years. She, however, experienced healing when she started meditating to change her thoughts. 

I have seen several people who went through adversity and had worry, stress, and negative thoughts sinking them into sickness and quick aging.

If indeed thoughts can heal as Joe explains, then we are capable of healing ourselves. I for one have followed some of his meditations and can attest to the positive impact I have experienced to alleviate emotional and physical pain.

Can joy heal you?

Happiness is the presence of joy in the heart. Joy is the absence of negative thoughts. Joe Dispenza argues that if one maintains a state of joy, his body can be able to vibrate on a healing frequency. It is in that state that the mind can access high creativity and the body accesses cellular strength to heal you.

But come to think of it. The opposite of joy is sadness or stress. If being sad and stressed can weaken your immunity and make you vulnerable to sicknesses, can’t joy, the polar opposite, boost your immunity to heal you?

If being stressed and sad can bring you emotional pain, cant joy bring you emotional pleasure?

Yes, Joy can heal you

What is the fifth dimension frequency?

In chapter 11, Joe Dispenza discusses the perhaps complicated concept to understand. The fifth dimension. It took me some time to comprehend it. But let me put it in the simplest words.

We live in 3 dimension life. That is one place, as an object occupying space and at a given time. You, an object occupying a certain length and height at a certain time. Space-time is the 3Dimensions life we live where you can only occupy a certain space at a given time making use of one possibility.

Time-space is the 5 dimensions life of unlimited possibilities where you can be in different places at the same time identifying and making use of many possibilities.

Something close to it is you having a dream while sleeping. Physically, you are in your bed. In the 5D life, you are somewhere in Hawaii on the beach sunbathing at the same time seeing your brother in South Africa playing with your niece.

If you can experience life in 5D as a reality then you can be a lot of things at the same time. 

I am still yet to explore the reality of this. I leave my mind suggestible to the possibility of it because it’s true in my dreams I have been to several places at the same time. However, I do not know if it can consciously happen. I can only give it a chance.

The one thing I so much appreciate from this book.

In my early twenties, it one time crossed my mind to make a photo-video of the things I wanted to achieve in life and watch it every day to remember them. However, I didn’t give it much regard because I thought it unrealistic.

”Becoming Supernatural” introduced me to a term that describes that kind of video and what it requires to help you get what you want. The ‘’Mind Movie’’ is a video of pictures or motion images showing one’s goals, dreams, and affirmations. What made it more realistic to me is Joe Dispenza’s explanation below.

Make your mind movie and watch it everyday

He says. A thought fueled by emotions is like an electromagnet to attract what you desire. The thought is an iron rod then the emotions or energy in motion is the electric current that creates the magnetic field.

If you cultivate emotions of joy to fill your heart then watch your mind movie, you trigger thoughts of what you desire. The thoughts then fuse with the emotions of joy to attract what you desire (the car, house, spouse, health, etc) which you put in the video. The video plays with soundtrack music that makes you feel relaxed and joyful.

I made that video after reading the book. I put pictures of 8 things I want to get. Every morning after meditation I watch it and then at night before sleeping. I can testify that 5 of the 8 have materialized.

The pineal gland.

Joe talks about the pineal gland, a small, pea-shaped gland in the brain. He says if activated, it can restore the body to its fullest and best state of health. It can also awaken your psychic powers and lift you to the fifth dimension of life. He provides a step-by-step meditation to help you activate the gland.

I have not had much progress with the meditation. The best I can attest is having a tremor moving up my body. Nothing much more than that. When I get further than that, I will write about it.

Final thoughts: I have not had any reasons to disqualify his findings and insights in the book. However, what I have experimented with has not given me enough confidence to back the book. But like I said at the start, there are mysterious experiences people experience that are beyond science and convention. I am still finding answers to them and I appreciate the efforts Joe Dispenza has put in to provide them. There are people I have witnessed doing supernatural things. I have witnessed a man in Africa heal a broken bone of a boy when the two are miles apart. And every time he conducted his healing meditation, the boy who was in a different district felt intense pain in the leg with the broken bone. Can Science explain that? Not at the moment. Maybe in the future. For now, I will let you read the book and judge Joe Dispenza’s ” Becoming Supernatural. How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon ” can indeed make one a supernatural being.

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