Boredom at night. 30 interesting things to do if you are bored at night.

The day’s work is done. Dinner is done. You do not want to go to bed yet or don’t even have sleep. May be you want to sleep but can not fall asleep easily. You are bored and wondering what interesting thing you can do to keep you occupied. You do not have it. You are bored to the bone.

You can go out to the bar in the neighborhood. Wait! That will have you spending and drinking.

Actually, you may have the money and do not mind drinking as long as you have company but unfortunately, there is no one you can go to the bar with.

Worry not here is a list of 30 things you can do to take away boredom at night. I am sure by the end of this list, you will have at least 7 things that you can enjoy doing at night. Before we go through that list, I want you to first know the dangers of boredom.

Dangers of boredom most especially at night.

Loneliness. When you are bored you easily feel lonely. You can be alone but not lonely. When you are by yourself and feel lonely, it’s a sign that there is a space in your heart or mind that needs to be in the company of something to do or someone to be with.

Risk of becoming the devil’s workshop. Negativity easily creeps into a bored mind. Boredom can trigger a negative thought which in turn leads to a pattern of other negative thoughts. These can trigger anxieties or destabilize your emotional well-being.

Loss of precious time. Yes, boredom is a waste of time. You only have ‘’NOW’’ to shape your future. Unless boredom itself is the intention, it is a waste of time that goes unaccounted for.

Relapses. If you are recovering from an addiction, trying to quit porn or have ever been addicted to something, boredom is one thing you should never entertain. You can easily fall back to your addictive patterns when bored.

Things to do when bored at night

1. Plan and prepare for the next day.

Planning for the next day is a great way to stop boredom at night.

If you have work or some special programs to execute the next day, you can use nighttime before bed to plan how you will go about your day. You can write down a list of tasks to do, when and how long you will be attending to them. From the list, you can then prepare everything you will need the next day.

The clothes and shoes you will wear and everything that you will carry with you. It will not only take away the boredom but also make you more productive and a good time manager.

2. Learn a casual skill.

One of the best ways to spend nighttime at home is doing something fun and casual. Learn to play a sport, board or video games, or a music instrument. I take guitar classes and always practice in the evenings after work. I hope to play songs for my babies someday.

3. Connect online.

Online is a great place to go when bored. You can connect with your friends, old friends, family, and strangers as well. Inbox that Facebook friend you have never had a chat with. Keep the conversation as casual as possible and also comfortable enough to keep your target reciprocating.

Avoid any abusive, disrespectful, or sexual interactions online. If you want, you can join great online dating sites if dating or sex are your goals.

4. Start a side hustle.

Nighttime before bed is a great time to do something that will bring a monetary return to supplement your income. There are lots of online businesses you can do to make money. Even better, those businesses do not require a lot of time and capital to set up.

You can start a blog by paying for hosting at a web host site and then installing WordPress.  With time if consistently fed with great content, your blog can attract traffic which can be converted into income. You start a YouTube channel, sell an online course or even freelance online.

5. Read a book.

Bored at night? read a book.

As Jk Rowling once said, ‘’something magic can happen if you open a book’’. What better way to fight boredom than reading a book. In fiction or nonfiction books, you can boost your grammar and improve speaking a language by reading. You can also acquire new knowledge from self help books that can help you do something or get through a situation in the best way possible. Grab a book to read.

6. Take a course.

Night school is a great option for night boredom. Enroll in an institution to study during your free time at night. You can do this online or attend classes physically. If you do not have money, worry not. There are lots of free online courses in your field of interest ranging from technology, business management, accounting, sciences, etc.

You can also take high value online classes on Skillshare in various courses for a few dollars.

7. Tied up your room.

It’s very important and convenient to live in a tidy and clean place. If you are bored at night, how about trying to clean your house, organize your closet, and put everything in the right place to bring order to your house. This will not only make you feel comfortable but also make you think clearly.

8. Create a pre-bed routine.

You probably have a morning routine or ritual. You wake up, say a prayer, meditate, take a shower, and have breakfast. How about a routine for your time before sleep? Find those three things you can do before bed to improve your life. I always evaluate how I fared with my daily tasks, meditate for at least 10minutes, read 20 pages, plan for the next day, say a prayer, and then sleep.

9. Call an old friend.

Nighttime is a great time to catch up with people. Everyone is usually done for the day by nightfall. The last thing anyone wants to hear is anything about work. How about you be that person to surprise them with a call to talk about the stupid yet funny things you used to do together.

To give them a light moment of smiles and laughter to relax them. Pick up a phone and call that friend. They will be grateful to know that you think about them. Night time is a great time to socialize.

10. Exercise.

My favorite of all. Working out at night does not only help me stay healthy, fit, and in shape but also helps me make friends. Every day I meet new faces at the gym that go on to become my friends.

The gym is one place I use to catch up with people. We work out while sharing funny banters. Not to forget, I have got a lot of clients from the gym. A plus for my business. I believe it’s something that can do for you to shoot so many birds with one stone.

11. Shop online.

Go shopping if you are bored at night.

Well, not something you should do every day or even attempt to do if you live on a budget but shopping is a good way to spend an evening. It’s fun and relaxing to go through things you can have or plan to use. You can do this online or go to a store in the neighborhood.

12. Take an adult class.

We all have sexual desires that we wish to explore. Somehow our fear and other social constructs limit us. However, if we give ourselves a chance we can learn about things we can do with our partners that can make sex so fun and unforgettable.

You can be that person your spouse will forever think about if the term mind-blowing sex crosses his or her mind. Take an adult class and drive someone’s son or daughter crazy mad in love with your Chao.

13. Learn about NFTs.

NFTs are a new opportunity to make money and also secure your property. This part of blockchain technology has made so many open-minded people from as low as 12years to old age become millionaires.

It’s quite complex but if you give yourself time to learn about it for at least a month every night, this article may be something you will be grateful to have read. A great way to make money online trading digital products.

14. Listen to a podcast.

You can spend your nighttime listening to your favorite podcast. They are not only a good way to spend time but also very enriching knowledge-wise. There is a podcast about everything in the world that you are interested in. Click on one and enjoy free wisdom. There are also those for comedy, you can laugh your tongue out.

15. Call family.

Call a family member if you are bored at night.

Family is an important part of our lives whose importance we often take for granted chasing things that will not bring us profound and sustainable happiness. When was the last time you talked to your mother, father, brother, sister, or cousin?

Pick up the phone and call them, you do not know what is going on in their lives, you might be the one call they wish to get. If you have toxic parents or siblings and do not want to ruin your night, call a friend.

16. Make a gratitude list.

As simple as it may sound, making a gratitude list is one great way to spend time at night. At the end of making the list, you will feel a lightness in your heart that will make you feel joy.

It also declutters your mind and brings you mental clarity. Making a gratitude list every day is a great way to change from a negative to a positive attitude.

17. Clean your phone, email, and computer.

You got some sensitive emails that you no longer need or better off have them saved in a much safer place. You took some exposing pictures that you would never want anyone to see. Do you remember that chat you had with your colleague about your boss?

Well then, you need to rid your phone, computer, or email account of all that stuff. Otherwise, you would never wish your kid to see those pictures when they ask to play a video game on your phone or computer.

18. Meditate.

My other favorite. Because of meditation, I can focus and concentrate intensely for a long time. I can manage my thoughts. I can manage my attention. I have gained enough patience. The benefits of meditation are very many ranging from better cognitive function to emotional healing. If you struggle with mind wandering, meditation is what you need. How about using your free time at night to meditate?

19. Practice a trending dance.

Your body is as young as you feel. Keeping in touch with your youthful energy is a great way to keep a physically young body and vibrant mind. One way to do that is dancing.

TikTok has a lot of dance challenges that are trending. Imagine being able to put off a trending dance when the right song is played. You will be seen as lively, fun, and a source of joy. Your kids will be glad to have a cool father or mother. However, be careful not to get the TikTok addiction.

20. Plan a surprise.

Did you know that giving feels much better than receiving? It’s so empowering and a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence. It’s a great pleasure to be the source of someone’s joy. How about organizing a surprise for someone you love for no reason? You will feel good and most importantly it will come back to you.

21. Indulge Yourself.

You deserve a treat yourself. You deserve to do some YOU things. Go to the spa and get yourself pampered. Get your body worshipped with a massage. If you do not have money. Set candlelight in your bathroom. Fill up the bathtub and sit in it very relaxed.

22. Have a sing-along.

Browse a video lyric of your favorite music. Sing along as it plays. You can dance as well if you want to. Do not mind if you can’t sing or dance. Just do it. Am not good at singing or dancing but I will not stay quiet when my favorite song plays. It’s a relaxing and joyful thing to do.

23. Plan for the future.

Do you believe that you can shape your future as you wish? Or you are one of those that just go with the flow and let the world shape their future. The things you do every day determine what your future will be like. Even doing nothing is doing something for your future.

Use your free time at night to plan, follow up, evaluate and keep track of what you want your future to be like. This will enable you to spend your time and energy on only those things that push you closer to achieving your future goals. The earlier you plan, the less time you waste.

24. Evaluate your life.

Spend your free time at night evaluating your performance at work or your business. Following up on what has gone right or wrong. Keep track of how far you have gone in regards to achieving your planned goals.

This will not only keep a fire alive in you to pursue your goals but also enable you to manage your time and energy properly to do those things that are in line with your pursuits.

25. Make a bucket list.

If you were told that tomorrow is your last day on earth, would you be happy about the life you have lived? If yes, awesome! If not, then you need a bucket list as soon as possible. You have things you wish to do in life.

Write them down. Write a long list as long as you want. Organize them in order of the most possible to those that require more time or money. Plan to start ticking off one thing at a time until you finish doing them all.

26. Watch a movie.

We all love a good movie. We all have a movie genre whose movies we so enjoy watching. Pick up one movie you want and watch it for the night. You can binge on your favorite series, show, or music videos as well.

27. Practice public speaking and storytelling.

One of the all-time standing skills that politicians, leaders, managers, salesmen, actors/actresses, musicians, and marketers have greatly used to positively impact their careers is knowing how to speak in public and tell a story.

These two skills can soften the hardest of hearts and communicate the most complex of messages. Practice these skills in your free time at night and enjoy the magic they bring.

28. Catch up on current affairs.

If you never get time during the day to know what is happening around the world or in your community, nighttime is a great time to do this. You can watch news channels, read online news tabloids, or listen to the radio.

If you are like my best friend that hates to watch general news because of the negative stories that fill it, you at least have an interest in something else. There are channels and websites for news about music, movies, sports, etc. try those.

29. Start a blog.

You have expertise, knowledge, wisdom, and experiences that can change a lot of lives if shared. Many people will be grateful to hear about your story. You have perhaps gone through a situation that someone else is going through. Your knowledge and story can help give them direction to get out of it. Start a personal blog and tell your story, please.

30. Write a journal.

If you go for psychotherapy, one of the things you will be told to do is to journal. It is so therapeutic and relieving. Journaling is not only for people who are undergoing psychotherapy but also for you who is mentally healthy.

Journaling reduces the load on your mind enabling you to think clearly. It also puts your experience, goals, and plans before your eyes making them psychologically more realistic. A great activity to do in your free nighttime.


You do not have to do all these things every time you are bored at night. You do not even have to do the same things every day. Imagine having to make a bucket list every day. It’s unrealistic.  You can watch a movie today, exercise the next day, and call your mother or old friend the other day. I hope I have got you interested in something you can do when you are bored at night. Share with me in the comments that which you think works for you.

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