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 I am Kalaki Brian.

I prefer to call myself ‘’BrianSelfwork’’. Why? Because I am a piece of work. I strive to improve myself every day to be in alignment and achieve fulfillment in life.

My life is not a perfect one but I can guarantee you it gets better than yesterday, every day. I don’t want it to be perfect. That will take away the colors of life.

I want to climb the mountains of life, walk through valleys, stay the course and feel the joy of getting to the other side.

What is victory without the pain of hard work? What is love if you have not known the spears of hate? What is the value of a smile if you have not known how to not smile?

I want to feel it all. I want to experience it all. I strive to understand it all. And most of all I want to be in control of it all.

Making ends meet does not necessarily mean paying bills only. It also means connecting all dots, aligning all aspects of your life, and putting pieces of the puzzle together to achieve fulfillment in this journey called life.

Because we all walk different lives, we all have different dreams, opinions, desires, aspirations, goals, and motivations.

But one common thing we have is an indispensable prerequisite of an aligned body, mind, and soul.  You know the kind of mind you want, the kind of body you desire, the state of your soul you want, and definitely the amount of money you want.

I cannot make a choice for you but I can share with you what has worked for me to understand this thing called life and also get aligned to be in a place better than yesterday.

Brianselfwork.com walks this life with you to fill your heart with love, dress your body in your best beauty, set you for your goals and dreams and most of all help you achieve fulfillment so you can go to bed excited to see the new day. So you can stretch your hands out in the morning and say ‘’this is my day’’

 You can be happy, rich, and looking your best. Why be rich with a sick body or depressed mind? Why be in physical shape but lack mental shape? I have strived to get all that (a great body, a stable rich mind, a full soul, and a happy wallet) in one and I can assure you I have had significant success, and life is good.

Once again, I am Kalaki Brian aka Brianselfwork, a behavioral psychologist, entrepreneur, journalist, and enthusiast of life. I love to share experiences of life.

To tell you about mine and hear about yours too. Let’s enjoy holding hands on this rollercoaster of life. Feel at home on brianselfwork.com.

I want to be in touch with you and would very much love to share with you my monthly newsletter of lessons, quotes, and experiences of life. Sign up and I will be excited to reach out to you. Love is the language we will speak.


As a believer in serendipity, I am glad I landed on this website. I have learned many insights, many lessons to take, and a lot of new wisdom. Indeed a healthy body, a stable mind and a peaceful heart are fertile grounds for wealth and fulfillment in life. Thank you brian

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