Cancer Spirit animals. Which of these spirit animals best fits you?

Cancer, June 20th to July 20th, is a Latin word for Crab. The crab is also the symbol of cancer. It is sometimes represented by crab claws in the form of a ‘’6’’ and a ‘’9’’ turned sideways. The crab is cancer’s symbol because of a crab in Greek mythology that pinched the Greek warrior Heracles who was fighting the Lernaean hydra.

Heracles crushed the crab but his enemy, Hera rewarded it by placing it in heaven. The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, whose ruling planet is the moon is one of the six negative signs of the zodiac.

Cancer’s personality traits include being sensitive, compassionate, loving, humorous, nurturing, and protective. Cancer is also insecure, needy, manipulative, and holds grudges for a long time.

Cancer spirit animals are those animals that portray the personality traits of cancer. Below are our main five that match the qualities.

1. The Crab

Crab Cancer spirit animal

Definitely number one on our list. The crab is a great match and a perfect spirit animal for cancer. It is no wonder that the crab is cancer’s symbol.

Crabs live very comfortable lives. Hermit crabs carry their homes where ever they go. Home is where the shell is. In case of danger, they easily retreat to their shells. Cancer man loves to live near his family and loved ones to be comfortable and able to access help whenever he needs it.

The crab and cancer are very abstinent of danger or anything capable of causing it. For their fragility, they developed many mechanisms to protect themselves. The crab withdraws to its shell or pinches if pushed to the wall. Cancers often call their friends and families for help. They also developed a high skill of manipulating people to their side as a way of disarming them.

Crabs and cancer, in event of danger or harm to their families, can unbelievably overcome their fear and face the threat in front of them. Crabs will pinch to scare away the enemy. Even though cancer likes to rely on family for protection when tables turn cancer will face the enemy even when he or she is filled with fear.

A crab has a strong bone grip. This grip represents cancer’s clingy nature. When cancer gets attached to someone or something, they go to the deepest levels of attachment that make them find it very hard to let go. If cancer falls in love with you, they will ride with you forever because their attachment can’t let them leave you.

For their high sensitivity cancers can get so moody and emotionally unstable. Even though they love so deeply with good intentions, they can hate with hatred as deep and intentions as bad.

2. The Rabbit

The rabbit cancer spirit animal.

The high-spirited cheery rabbit is our second spirit animal for cancer. Just like cancer, the rabbit has a shy and very sensitive character.

Rabbits, like cancer, avoid trouble as much as they can. They maintain their peace and will withdraw quickly to safe zones in case of any threat. Cancer and the rabbit will become aggressive only when they have no other option.

Rabbits and cancer are very nurturing of loved ones and their offspring. They take care of their family and protect it to the best they can.

Intelligence is another great strength of rabbits and cancer. Both use their strong instincts and sensitivity to navigate their environment and figure out the best and most appropriate response. Rabbits have a quick wit and physical agility as their defensive mechanisms. Cancer man maintains strong bonds with people that can protect him and manipulate his enemies to disarm them.

Rabbits and cancer have a humble and welcoming disposition that shows no potential of being dangerous. The two have a lot more traits in common that make them a perfect match.

3. The Elephant

Elephant Cancer spirit animal

Number three on our list is the elephant. The mammal is a highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent animal with a very strong intuition that keeps it so attuned to its fellows and the environment around it.

Elephants have deep compassion and empathy that keep them aligned with their feelings and emotions. Empathy and emotions also help drive their high nurturing and love for their family. Amongst all zodiac signs, cancer holds the deepest of emotions that come from deep empathy and compassion.

Their ability to accurately read what others feel makes them able to nurture strong relationships. However, some use it to effectively manipulate people.

When it comes to expressing their emotions, elephants and cancer have a lot in common. Cancer has a very high temper that can make people around freak out. They hold grudges and cry so much. An elephant holds grudges as well and never forgets. When it’s angry it becomes very destructive. You wouldn’t want to be near it. When it loses a loved one it cries and shows deep pain.

Even though they can hold grudges, elephants hold love for their own for a long time and support each other in times of emotional distress. Cancer has a very deep love and will never be emotionally unavailable for loved ones.

Elephants just like cancer, can be very clingy and find it hard to let go. They get so heartbroken when their own dies and find it so hard to move.

4. The Opossum

The opossum cancer spirit animal

In the order of marsupial, opossums are cat-sized animals with a very sensitive and friendly personality.

Opossums are very much committed to their relationships and express their emotions in broad ways. Just like the opossums, cancer has very deep relationships. This is due to the high empathy and ability to experience very deep emotions.

Just like cancer, opossums are very much in alignment with their emotions. They can express deep compassion for their loved ones and also deeply care for them. When they are angry, they have very high tempers.

Opossums are very flexible and adaptable. Due to their high sensitivity and intuitiveness, they are quick to figure out the next move to cope with any changes in their social circles or environment. Cancer prefers to play safe but, in the event of unavoidable danger, they can easily adapt to the most appropriate defensive mechanism.

Opossums just like cancer know when to pull back and destabilize when overly stressed or overwhelmed. Opossums go to their habitats to calm themselves whereas cancer usually finds a quiet place to think and re-strategize.

Cancer loves physical intimacy like hugging and cuddling to feel emotional security. Opossums are very cuddly animals. They can form strong bonds with humans through cuddling.

Opossums and cancer are very protective of themselves and have a variety of ways they use to protect themselves. Cancer has a vulnerable disposition that disarms an enemy by making them feel pity. Opossums play dead to make the enemy leave them or give them space to run off. a very smart animal.

5. The Woodpecker

Woodpecker cancer spirit animal

Our number five Cancer spirit animal is the woodpecker. Known as a symbol of prosperity and healing in some cultures, a woodpecker has traits that match it with Cancer.

The woodpecker and its caregiving qualities are the reasons why the Cancer water sign has a bird as its spirit animal.

In the avian kingdom, woodpeckers have the most parenting and nurturing skills. They show utmost love to their young ones and protect them even when it costs their lives. They build homes and feed their family. Cancer is so loving to his/her family. He is emotionally attached and very selfless when it comes to providing and protecting his family.

Just like cancer, woodpeckers get so emotionally invested in relationships showing utmost commitment and love. A male and female woodpecker pair bond for life and get jealous when there is any sign of infidelity


You finally have the top five spirit animals for Cancer. Many other animals can fit the spirit animal of Cancer. The intimate penguin, the caring and nurturing chimpanzee, and the compassionate and affectionate moose. The otter, spider, pangolin, cuttlefish, and mole can not be left out as well.

Which of all these spirit animals resonates with you. Share with me in the comments below.

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