Capricorn Spirit animal. Which of these is your Capricorn spirit animal?

Capricorn, December 22 to January 21, is Saturn ruled zodiac sign whose element is earth. Unlike many of the other signs of the zodiac like Sagittarius or Gemini, Capricorn struggles to socialize with people. Capricorns are less idealistic and more pragmatic. For their lack of high social abilities, they compensate it with hard work.

Capricorns hold fundamental success tailored through persistency, consistency, faith, and hard work. They love to live a good life. Sleep in very beautiful houses and dine in the fanciest restaurants. To have the life they want, they work hard to get it.

Capricorns’ symbol is a sea-goat. An animal in the spiritual realm half goat and half fish. It is a goat from head to waist and fish from waist to the tail. The sea goat represents Capricorn’s duality of the physical and spiritual realm.

Ambitious, persistent, realistic, practical, disciplined, materialistic, and strong are traits of Capricorn. Capricorn man can also sometimes be moody, short-tempered, irritable, fussy, and sometimes desirous of instant gratification.

Capricorn spirit animals are those animals that embody the traits of the Capricorn personality. They include:

1. The Goat

Goat Capricorn spirit animal

The goat is definitely our first spirit animal. It is part of the zodiac symbol of the sea goat.

Unlike the sea-goat, the goat is physically manifested in the physical world. The goat has a couple of traits that it shares with Capricorn.

Very Ambitious. The goat and Capricorn are two very ambitious matches. The goat climbs all sorts of levels to get the freshest and greenest food it can access. Capricorns strive for the highest places in the hierarchy. In a workplace, Capricorns will work their head off for promotions.

Stubbornness. I have tried taking a goat for grazing before. Damn, it was a struggle. If a goat wants to go east, you can not convince it to go west. That’s another trait it shares with Capricorns. The Capricorn man will give up an idea only when they have sufficient proof to prove it wrong. He wants what he wants and won’t stop until he gets it.

Very Resilient. The goat does not flee in the face of anything that can arouse fear. It faces the challenge until its victorious. Capricorn becomes stronger than his challenges instead of giving up. Capricorn man has no pity for himself when it comes to doing very hard tasks. He fights on and tackles it down until it’s done.

2. The Ox

Ox Capricorn spirit animal

Often known as a bullock, an ox is a male bovine trained and used as a draft. It is most times a castrated bull to inhibit testosterone and aggression to make it docile and harmless. Despite its docility, an ox is a very hardworking animal representing abundance and a possibility to achieve goals through hard work.

Take a read through some of the traits that qualify an ox as a Capricorn spirit animal.:

Very patient.  An ox has the patience to go through thick and thin to finish a task. It is a symbol of fundamental achievements. Sustainable growth and success take extreme patience and self-control. An ox oozes patience. Capricorns very much understand the power of patience. No matter how long it is to achieve a goal. Capricorn man is always willing to diligently invest the patience required to get what he wants.

Purposed pragmatism.  The ox and Capricorn are two very pragmatic creatures. They have very little idealism and more willingness to get their hands busy. The ox has strong muscles that it uses to tirelessly plow the field. Capricorn man uses both his mental and physical strength to get important tasks done in time and with utmost quality.

Strong and Powerful. However domesticated and docile the ox may be, it has an unseen power that makes it very much respected. For its ability to plow the fields and help feed people, some societies worship it. They appreciate how much they rely on it to live. Capricorn man is one greatly appreciated by people and relied on for his untiring commitment to work, sacrifice, and persistence to get things done. This makes him powerful and strong.

 3. The Crocodile

Crocodile Capricorn spirit animal

Our third spirit animal is the crocodile, Vedic astrology’s major spirit animal and also a subject of Saturn the ruler of Capricorn.

The alligator is a very strong poikilothermic animal that is very calculative in expending its energy and resources.

Here are the traits that match the crocodile with Capricorn.

Fierce. The crocodile has every intimidating fierce-looking animal. It has a toughness on its face that weakens its prey. Its body has been shaped by tough conditions that make it resilient. Capricorn may not have a tough or scary look, but what they do and the confidence invested in doing what they want is fiercely intimidating. They will have to get what they want or get what they want. There is no option for failure.

Persistent. Crocodile on a mission will not stop or be diverted until it accomplishes that mission. Once it grabs its prey, it will fight and persist until the prey surrenders to it. Capricorn can not have anything stop it from achieving its goals. It will exploit all resources to get what it wants. Once Capricorn man sets his hands and focuses on something he will not give up until it’s done. Capricorns are great project managers.

 Patient. Besides physical strength, patience is one strong tool of the crocodile and Capricorn. The crocodile makes subtle moves and patiently focuses on its prey as it makes a calculated moment to strike at the right time. Capricorns too understand that patience is key to building sustainable achievements. Capricorn man will plan his moves and wait patiently to act at the right time.

4. The Horse.

Horse Capricorn spirit animal

The odd-toed and hoofed mammal is our fourth spirit animal for Capricorn. The horse is a strong, adaptable, and sensitive animal that often prefers to be aloof even though it fares well socially. It is very self-reliant and independent enough to thrive alone.  Not to forget a determined and intelligent animal.

Here is what qualifies it to our list;

Very sensitive. The first three animals above do not portray Capricorn’s sensitive side. Despite being known as serious and focused, Capricorn man can easily be affected by the energy around him. This is often covered by the reserved and composed demeanor he shows but if you look keenly, you will notice that Capricorns can be nervous in a nervous crowd.

The horse is very sensitive an animal, it has a strong intuition that makes it pick up every frequency around it. If its master is scared the horse will show signs of hesitancy as well.

The horse in the wild has a full expression of itself without any inhibitions like those of a domesticated horse. The wild horse represents a side of Capricorn that is repressed by societal constructs, norms, and other expectations. Without them, Capricorn is a wild and free-spirited human.

5. The Goose

Goose Capricorn spirit animal

The loyal avian bird of the waterfowl species is our fifth spirit animal for the Capricorn. The goose is often aloof as well but able to live in social groups. The bird is very cautious with calculated moves.

Just like the goose, Capricorns are usually loners walking their path in life. They are okay living with others but because of their visionary nature, they prefer to be alone and concentrate on working on their goals.

The goose and the Capricorn man follow their inner intuitiveness and instincts to align themselves to their life purpose to create a life and a world around them that makes them comfortable, powerful, and independent.  This is made possible by their persistent and resourceful drive and a fire that burns inside them every other day.

The goose and the Capricorn man are also very loving, protective, and nurturing of their loved ones. They create a world that their family can live in comfortably. This gives them power that comes from their generous and sacrificial nature.


Finally you have our top five spirit animals for Capricorn. However, many other animals can definitely be spirit animals for Capricorn. The wolf oozes the power, dominance, and leadership of the Capricorn man that is characterized by pragmatism, strength, protectiveness, and strong will. The hawk is also one that matches Capricorn because of its quick wit and tenacious execution of its tasks.

Other animals include the squirrel, falcon, skunk, raccoon, spider, armadillo, and albatross. Which of all these spirit animals best suits you. Share with me in the comments.

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