CONFORMITY. What runs your mind?

When you ask your 10-year-old son what he wants to be when he grows up, he tells you he wants to be a doctor, a pilot, an Engineer, etc.
It’s not because he has any experience or idea about these things.

He just tells you what, he has heard other people say.
Most of our life’s choices are influenced. Most of the words and statements we make are always what we have heard other people say.
The way we dress, behave, the way we drink, what we drink, are all Influenced by others.

Most of the things we do or say are influenced by our society.

But you hear someone say, it’s my choice to dress like this, It’s my choice to be a moslem, it’s my choice to be a Christian. No dear, it’s never your choice. The society you live in influences you to do those things.

You wear ripped jeans because you saw Rihanna putting them on while on TV. Then you saw your friend also putting them on, and you are like maybe this can also look smart on me.

When you hear a Christian say, “You need the holy spirit to understand these things” It’s not that they have any Holy spirit in them, they have heard that line over and over being used by some pastor, reverend, or any other spiritual leader or another fellow believer say it.

They too convince themselves that it’s true. Ask them further, to explain how it works, you will never get a clear answer.

Statements like “black lives matter,” “game-changer”, “flex” and all other jargons we use on social media and outside, are simply because we have seen someone else use them, and we think it’s cool to also use them.

A few days ago, almost everyone was planning a SILENT disco. Not because it was their own choice, but because they saw someone else doing it and thought it cool.
People go to certain bars because some people are talking about them..

80% of the content we watch on Youtube is never our own choices, it’s always from the “Recommended” section..

You can shape humans to be whatever you want them to be, and with time, they will defend it and even kill for it.

A moslem man would rather banish her own daughter because she refused to marry a none moslem. Same as Catholics. “This is a family religion.” What will my fellow Catholic friends say if they hear that my daughter married a Muslim?”

90% of our thoughts, characters, choices, and behavior are a result of environmental and social conditioning. Being formless like water saves you a lot of headaches that come with resisting change or making independent decisions and choices.

If you put water in a cup, it will take on the shape of a cup. If you put it in a basin, it will take on a basin’s shape. If you can not make independent decisions free from influences outside your heart and mind, at least be formless.

Do not get attached to beliefs, a lifestyle, culture, or luxuries you only found here. If the baby boomers identified with writing letters they would not use instant messaging. The world evolves, and religions, cultures, and other externalities change too.

article by Mwiine Bejuura

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