GEMINI SPIRIT ANIMALS. Which of these is your animal spirit?

Gemini one of the complex signs of the zodiac starts from May 20th to June 20th. Its symbol is a pair of twins. This comes from two identical friends that became twins. Castor son of King Tyndareus was mortal. Pollux who was immortal was the son of Zeus. The two looked so much alike in that people thought they were twins. Pollux and Castor became very close friends.

When Castor died, Pollux shared his immortality with him so that his friend can live again. This made the two friends share one life becoming twins. It is for this reason that the two became a symbol of Gemini representing the Gemini duality and strength that comes of the Gemini versatility.

Geminis are known to be flexible, extroverted, vibrant, intelligent, daring, bold, active, adaptable, and versatile. However, they are also known to be indecisive, impulsive, unreliable, and nosey.

Gemini spirit animals are those animals that portray the Gemini traits. Here are some of them.

1: The Fox

The Fox Gemini spirit animal

Our first spirit animal is the fox. A very active and crafty animal with high mental agility. It embodies a great deal of the Gemini personality with the following traits.

Restlessness. The fox just wants to be always up to something. For its intelligence, its mind is always racing from place to place. It is always on its legs moving from place to place. It’s impatient to get so much in a short time.

Geminis are not any different. Geminis’ minds are always racing. They want to learn so much in a short time. Sometimes they can multipurpose and be so good at a variety of things because of their versatility. But unfortunately, it often gets them anxious and overwhelmed.

High Acuity. The fox is so mentally and physically sensitive. This gives it high alertness to happenings in its environment. It is a shrewd animal that can navigate and survive the most dangerous of situations or places. It minds its business and works for its interests. Geminis are very emotionally and logically intelligent.

They can interpret the hardest of emotions. It’s not easy to lie to a Gemini. Geminis are highly alert and will rarely bother anyone. They mind their business.

Curious and intelligent. Many Geminis see the fox as a symbol of wisdom. The fox is an intelligent animal that has a unique ability to navigate its environment and respond in the quickest way possible with the most appropriate response.

It can curiously explore opportunities maintaining alertness to any threat at the same time. Geminis are great at multi-tasking. Whereas the Aries people prefer to do one thing at a time, Gemini can multi-task and pull off several tasks at the same time.

Mischievous. Foxes are very playful and sometimes provocative. When they get perky, they become indifferent to the good or bad moods of others. It is no wonder that a sexy woman is sometimes called a fox because of her appearance that provokes men.

Geminis are tricksters. They are playful and flirtatious. Geminis like to pull off pranks and jokes just to see their partners’ reactions.

Erratic and free. The fox is a free creature. It loves to wander as it wishes. To do as it desires without caring about the consequences. Geminis as well love to be free. They hate to be tied down by routines, work, institutions, or a job. Geminis love to have the freedom to switch into different personalities and do as they wish.

2: The Monkey

Playful monkeys. Monkey Gemini spirit animal.

Our number two on the list is the monkey. These beautiful playful, intelligent, and provocative animals have a good number of traits in common with Gemini.

Take a look at some of them.

Curious and intelligent. Regarded as one of the most intelligent animals. Monkeys are very intelligent beings that can do a lot of things other animals can only wish to do. They are also hungry for knowledge despite their awareness of the high intellect they have.

‘’Monkey see Monkey do’’ is a true saying that depicts the monkey’s habit of looking on curiously to copy and learn what man does. Geminis are also very intelligent humans who are always on the lookout for knowledge. They are known as book worms who read a lot of literature for knowledge.

Very sociable. Monkeys have a social language they use to interact with each other. They play together and love to live in groups or at least in proximity with each other. Gemini’s are very social as well. They fall in love deeply and are very nosey to know everything about their loved ones.

Nosey gossips. One trait the monkey and Gemini typically have in common is the nosey one. The monkey is always snooping to see what its fellows are doing. Where they are and what they are eating. Geminis can be so nosey as well. They ask the most personal of questions to quench their curiosity.

Playful and mischievous. You cannot be bored with a Gemini around. Geminis know how to lighten up the moment. They know how to make people laugh. They can get as dramatic as pulling off pranksters to get reactions from people even when there are risks involved.

The monkey is one playful animal. It can never be bored. It will at least poke its neighbor so it can be chased around. No wonder they are easily trained to do tricks.

3: The Parrot

The parrot Gemini spirit animal

 We can definitely not forget the witty, talkative and intelligent beautifully colored bird.

Here are some shared traits that qualify the parrot on our Gemini spirit animals list:

Unreserved and expressive. Parrots are very talkative. You can know about their presence without seeing them. Their species, the parakeet can even imitate people’s sounds. They are good at interacting with their fellows and human beings as well. No wonder they make good pets. By the way, am in the process of getting one for a pet.

Geminis are very chatty humans. They just can’t stop talking. They are great conversationalists and speakers.

Sociable. In the Zodiac, I have not known any sign more sociable than Gemini. Geminis love people. They love to give company. They love to talk to people. The parrot and Gemini are indeed a strong match here.

4: The Chameleon

The Chameleon Gemini spirit animal

The one trait that highlights Gemini is its adaptability. Geminis can easily adapt to any situation. They are very versatile and capable of becoming a lot of things. This is reflected in the twin’s symbol of Gemini.

Geminis can switch through personalities and are also good at playing around with their looks. You can easily fail to identify a Gemini you last met a few months back. They can be introverted today and extroverted tomorrow.

Just like Geminis, a chameleon is so adaptable an animal. It can change colors to match its environment as a way to protect itself and also interact with its environment as well.  The chameleon and Gemini are very unpredictable which makes the two a great match.

Not to forget,

The list of Gemini Spirit animals is quite a long one. Unlike other zodiac signs, Gemini has many animals that match its traits to become its spirit animals. The above four are the most highlightable ones. However, the animals below are great matches as well,


The sociable intelligent and vibrant deer can not miss out on our list. It lives a free life doing as it wishes. Gemini loves his freedom and intelligently interacts with his environment like the deer.


Dolphins are highly spirited and very intelligent animals. They are also very playful and sociable as well. They move in social groups exploring the sea with the utmost freedom. These are traits that make the essence of Gemini.


Gemini finds balance by associating and socializing with other people. Like Gemini, the gazelle fares better in the company of its fellows. The gazelle is very sociable and playful as well.


The long-necked animals live in harmony with their own. They are very sociable and loving with their circles. They prefer to live a peaceful life even when they are capable of danger. These are all traits of Gemini.


If your zodiac sign is Gemini, it is very important to learn to pull back sometimes and rethink your move. Geminis are very impulsive and prone to making unthought moves. This makes them do or say things that they later on regret. A Gemini in control of his or her thoughts and actions with patience can conquer a lot of spaces. Which of the animals above best matches you? Share with me in the comments.

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