Why you should give more than you receive.

If you are a spiritual or religious person, am sure you know about the saying ‘’It is more blessed to give than to receive’’. Another one is ‘’only by giving we receive more than we already have’’. For the scientist am sure newton’s third law which says that ‘’ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’’ is something you are familiar with.

Giving is a natural principle if we expect to receive. It is the fuel that drives you from a ‘’wanting’’ place to a ‘’having’’ place. From biology to business across all aspects of life, you have to give something to get something.

Our concern should be much more on what we are giving not what you are getting. Sometimes our instincts speak to us when we ask God or the universe for something. ‘’I wish I could get a million dollars’’ your mind says.     ‘’What have you done to deserve it?’’ A small voice in your heart asks.

If you give everything you have to get something, your heart believes that you are deserving of that which you want. Then the universe conspires with people and anything it can use to give you that which you want.

The wishful thinkers fold their arms and wish as the pragmatic dreamers give their all to get that which they dream of. Everything we have now is a reward for what we gave sometime back. If we understand how important and unavoidable this giving principle is, we can bend the world to our liking.

 Here is the thing, you are fit and in shape because you gave time to exercising and eating healthy. You are skilled in something because you gave yourself time and commitment to master that skill.

You are a good speaker because you gave up your fears and limiting beliefs to speak whenever you could. You are rich because at some point you invested your money and didn’t bury it like the ungrateful servant in the story of the mustard seed.

You have caring friends and family because you love and care for them too.

Friends that love to give you their time

You got that promotion because you gave time and hard work to your job.

Okay, I get it.

some people just give head or orgasm and get promoted. That’s still giving. The difference is that you will have to maintain your promotion through hard work. The one that gave sex will have to give more sex to maintain the promotion. The constant and common factor is still ‘’GIVING’’.

Giving in relationships and society

Actor Will Smith in his book titled ‘’WILL’’, talks about the big gulf he later realized between him and his family after he spent more time on his career than cultivating a connection with them. He says at some point Jada Pinkett (his wife) and the children were so withdrawn from him. Because he didn’t create enough time to show his love for them, they in turn showed him less too.

Give love to receive love

To be loved you have to be giving love too. To be cared for, you have to be caring too. My friend Ivan and I experimented to see how viable this principle of giving is. We each wrote a list of seven people including friends and family. For each day of the week, we called one person from our lists. On the call, we would ask the person how he was doing and make the conversation about them to show that we love and care for them.

We called each person once a week for two months then we stopped. Three weeks from the time we stopped calling them, these people returned the calls to ask how we were doing. Of course, on different days. We got back the love and care we gave them and even became so close to some of them. On Ivan’s list was Christine who later became his wife.

Giving in Business.

All wealthy people in this world are because at some point they gave up money, skills, energy, and time to invest. One of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos gave up comfort, time, and money to start a small e-commerce business Amazon in a garage which later became the biggest online trade platform.

To get money, you have to give money. Either to business or people. If you keep your money in your basement, bedroom, or account you will at one point lose it to those that want it.

Many dictators have been taken down in uprisings. In their homes, idle bags of money were seized. Others had their bank accounts frozen. What if they had invested that money in the well-being of their people? Would those people rise against them? It’s a vulnerable and weak place to stand in a position of only taking.

All businesses whose owners only withdraw profits without reinvesting collapse.

  All those whose proprietors invest in more money, in turn, give them even more money. The more you give the more you get. The most paid sportsmen like Lebron James and Christiano Ronaldo train harder than other players. For the extra hard work, they give to the sport, they receive more pay.

Giving to yourself.

The first person you should ever give more in this world than anyone else is YOU. YOU are more important than anything or any person in this world. The more you give to yourself the more you have to give to others.

Here is the thing. Speak positivity to yourself. You are giving positivity to YOU. YOU then become full of positivity and end up speaking positivity to others. You go to the gym to gain shape and strength then become fit and strong to do things that help you and your family. You inspire the people around you to believe that they can be fit and strong too.

You teach yourself to play the guitar then you learn how to play sweet melodies that make your loved ones shade tears of love and joy. You go to medical school and become a doctor so someone’s life can be saved. You learn the dynamics of business so you can earn an income that makes your kids look at you as their superman who buys them anything they want. Give to yourself so you can give to others.

The double-edged sword of giving.

Giving is a double-edged sword that serves you exactly what you give. When someone says they will give you ‘’a taste of your own medicine’’, they mean they will give you exactly what you gave them. If you slapped them, please get ready to receive one.

If you gave hate instead of love, you would be deluded to expect love. If you spent your salary on cocaine, it is an addiction you will get, not more money. If you give your time to more sleep, be ready to embrace poverty. There is always an equal and appropriate return to what you give. You can not expect tolerance where you planted judgementalism.


The power of giving is something often ignored yet so crucial in life. Most people attribute giving to only money or material things. The truth is we all have something to give. In old times, weddings in Africa were a community thing, someone gave meat, the other gave beer, the musicians gave songs, etc. If you didn’t have anything tangible to give, you gave labor in cooking and collecting water. We may not be in old times or preparing for a wedding but believe me, giving is still a constant. You can give love, money, a hand, encouragement, moral support, emotional support, etc. It will all return to you in ways that you can’t comprehend. If you believe in the principle of giving, share your thoughts with me and comment on that which you enjoy giving.

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