How to be attractive as a man. 20 ways to make yourself more attractive as a guy

When the phrase ‘’being attractive as a man’’ comes to most people’s minds, the first thing they think about is a person with good looks or a pretty face. As much as being good-looking is a great enhancement to being attractive, the two are different. You can have average or below-average looks and still be very attractive to people.

To clearly understand this, imagine being attractive as being magnetic. When you are attractive, you can draw people toward you.

I am sure you have at some point looked at a very pretty woman and appreciated that she is indeed good-looking but never felt the urge to walk to her and ask for her number. She was good-looking but not attractive to you.

To be attractive means to have something that triggers positive feelings in another person in that they are drawn to you for how you make them feel. They come to you to get that feeling you triggered in the first place.

To be attractive as a man is to be able to attract a person to you.

So I am not writing for only men who have naturally good looks. I am also writing for those that think they do not look as good as actors in the movies.

To be attractive does not necessarily apply to the opposite sex. You can be attractive to your male friends, colleagues, etc. When you have something that makes people drawn to you, you are attractive. It can be humor, resources, kindness, etc.

If you want to become attractive, here are the things you need to do;

Things you need to do to become attractive as a man.

1. Get in shape. 

Like I said earlier, looking good enhances your level of attractiveness. You have no control over some features many people use to judge as good-looking. However, one thing you have control over is the shape of your body.

One thing humans unconsciously look for in their mates is a sign of good health. When you are in shape you appear healthy and a better breeding choice. You give off signals of strength as opposed to those you give off when you are out of shape.

So go to the gym, shade off that belly fat, build some muscle, and straighten your posture. You will look confident when in shape. Confidence is attractive.

2. Get a haircut.

A good haircut signals a lot of information in other people’s minds. The first thing people will look at when they turn to look at you will most probably be your face. A shabby face triggers assumptions that one is disorganized, dirty, careless, and not self-loving. Things that are not attractive at all.

On the other hand, when people see your head with a fresh haircut, they perceive you as caring, organized, responsible, and smart. Things that are attractive in their sense.

3. Grow a beard.

A beard is a symbol of masculinity. I don’t care how many times your parents told you to shave. If you have a beard, you have one other thing that clearly separates you from the other gender. If you hate to have a long beard, keep a 10-day-old beard.

Even though a beard itself does not make you more of a man than other beardless men, it makes other people perceive you as a man. They attach responsibility, trust, and strength to you which are very attractive values.

A 10-day beard can make you an attractive guy

4. Stand straight.

One way to communicate confidence, self-trust, and power is by standing with a straight posture. Stand straight with your head high, and shoulders back.

A straight posture communicates security. People pick on body language so much and when they see you standing with a straight posture they see you as self-assured, secure, and welcoming. This makes you attractive. 

You appear, insecure, scared, and lacking self-confidence and self-esteem when you hunch or sulk.

5. Personal hygiene.

In its sense, personal hygiene may not attract many people to you. However, poor hygiene can block your other attractive features or values. You may have the funniest jokes in the world but people will not enjoy them if every time they get near you, you give off a bad odor.

Ensure to shower, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes.

6. Be confident.

One of the best attires you will ever wear is self-confidence. When you are confident in yourself and your abilities, you make people around you very comfortable. People love to be comfortable and will look out for people who make them feel so.

Be confident in who you are. Stop being easily offended. Do not act superior over others to show them your worth. They will see it if you have it. Stop seeking approval. All these are signs of low self-confidence that make you unattractive as a man. When you look confident, you look attractive.

7. Have content in your head.

Seriously you will not be attractive if you can not have a conversation with people. If every time a person comes to you and you set them in a monologue, they will find you boring. Be able to dialogue. Talk about the things that make people listen. Learn the art of storytelling.

You will have great conversations with people if you open your mind to experience life, read books, travel, learn new things, or know trending news.

All that will give you content that will amuse people when you speak. And when you speak, do not speak to show your intelligence. Speak with humility. Otherwise, you will come off arrogant instead of confident.

8. Be self-aware.

Knowing who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and what you can do or can’t do, will make you very comfortable with yourself.

You will not care what other people think about you. You will take attention away from yourself by getting interested in other people instead of trying to show people how interesting you are.

This itself is very charming. Nothing is as attractive to both men and women as a charming man. Your male friends will enjoy your company and the women will not stop wanting to be around you.

9. Where fitting clothes.

Unless it’s some sort of trending fashion, fitting clothes will always make you appear smart. Smart is attractive. It enhances your looks and energy. People will want to be affiliated with you. They say your smartness will draw her to you and your jokes will make her stick around.

In other words, she will not know about your jokes without your smartness attracting her to you.

An attractive man wears fitting clothes

10. Up your shoe game.

Studies show that women will first look at a man’s shoes before they even care what kind of suit or jeans he is wearing. Shoes contribute a lot to how smart you look. So if you want your level of attractiveness to skyrocket, have some good pairs of shoes you can wear.

11. Speak like a god.

Here is how a god speaks; calm, slow, and composed. He knows he is a god and will not try to prove it. The slow calm and composed speech show his high confidence in himself and how comfortable he feels with himself.

Speaking loud and first shows low confidence and anxiety. It makes other people uncomfortable. When you speak calmly and slowly you contagiously make the people listening to you very comfortable. This is super attractive to them.

12. Have a tribe.

Men that have a tribe of friends are happier and are more balanced than their counterparts. They also have high social capital. If you have friends you can hang out with, do fun stuff, and do other serious things like business, you not only become more attractive to women but men as well. Men will perceive you as likable and trustable to have as a friend.

If you have no friends, go out there and make friends. Here is a link to how to make friends.

13. Have a masculine hobby.

Enjoy doing things men love to do. You will appear as a typical man when you do things that are attributed to men. Go play golf, soccer, or racing with other men. Watch a game or go lift weights.

These will align you with your masculinity and make you more comfortable with yourself as a man. Men bond with other men through doing things men do. When you take part in these, you will not only attract great male friends but also appear interesting and of high value to women.

14. Read books.

Wisdom is feminine, knowledge is masculine. There is no better way to be knowledgeable than reading. Reading will get you to walk through lives you would never know. You will learn of things only found in books. You will become smarter and more intelligent.

There is nothing as attractive as a man who people go to for knowledge. Books will make you that man.

Reading makes you an attractive man

15. Listen

It is a great skill to be able to listen keenly and attentively. A man should be a good listener. A man will listen to a woman speak nonstop and after they part ways, the woman will call him charming yet she was the one doing the talking all the time.

Listening makes a man charming. Men are solution providers. A man listens 80% of the time to give a solution 20% of the time.

16. Smell good.

People are attracted to you not because you look good or have a great sense of humor or because you are kind. They are attracted to you because of how those attributes make them feel. If your looks, jokes, or kindness do not strike a positive feeling in a person, that person will not be attracted to you.

One great way to stimulate those feelings is by smelling good. Wearing good perfume will trigger positive feelings in people around you. Yes, everyone loves to be in a place or company of a person smelling good. That will make you very attractive.

17. Communicate both danger and kindness.

A respected man is an attractive man. When people accord respect to you, it makes you a worthy member of society. That in itself makes you trustable and acceptable. You may not have to be a Mandela or an Obama to be respected. Give yourself respect and people will automatically give it to you.

One way to do that is to be both dangerous and kind. A mix of that will make people respect you. If you are only dangerous, people will take you as a jerk. If you are only kind, you will become a pushover.

Let people understand that you can be dangerous if attacked either verbally or physically and that you can also be kind where need be.

A powerful man is a man who chooses to be kind even when he can be dangerous not one whose only option is to be kind. The latter is a vulnerable man.

18. Be self-reliant.

Yes, you can not rely on yourself for everything you want, sometimes you need help. However, you can not also need help every other time. You have to be able to rely on yourself for most of the things you need.

It makes you a high-value man when people understand that you have most of the things you need. That you can survive without them. They will treat you with respect and not take you for granted. They will even find it an honor when you ask for their help.

Developing self-reliance makes you a source of solutions for the various abilities you have that not many people have. That itself makes you very attractive. Be able to rely on yourself emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually then see how you become a people magnet.

19. Have a purpose.

Being aligned to a goal, an ambition, or a desire you badly want to achieve does not only make you attractive but also makes you respectable. Most people just live through the day and let life go by the flow.

Having a purpose in life is a sign that you are in control of your life. You have something many people admire and want to figure out. A purpose.

When you have a purpose in life, you will easily attract the right friends, spouse, or colleagues because they can easily relate with you.

20. Run a business.

Running a business today is like going to war in medieval times. Men that went to war as warriors were admired and attractive members of society back then. It was a sign of strength, intelligence, bravery, patience, and determination. Those are very attractive values.

They are the very things you need to run a business. You will be admired by many and attract a lot of people. Learn how to start a business and start it if you do not have one. A good place to start is an online business. Business is the new war men have to face or go through.

In conclusion, all that being said, do not neglect yourself thinking that your looks are the measure of how attractive you have to be. No. looks do not matter so much for men as they do for women. Even though the things that make a man attractive need a lot of effort to cultivate, they are not impossible. All you have to do is put in the work. The world’s most attractive men are not the most good-looking.

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