How to be attractive as a woman. Here is a man’s perspective.

Just like I asserted earlier in the post about how to be attractive as a man, physical attraction is not all about how pretty one looks or natural beauty. Good looks are merely one of the things that can make one physically attractive.

Happiness makes a woman attractive.

To be attractive means having the ability to draw people toward you. An ability to make people want to be in your life or around you. Am sure you have felt drawn to many people for many reasons. In this article, we list those things about women that make both men and women attracted to them.

Being attractive does not necessarily mean being able to attract the opposite sex for sexual reasons. No. It can mean attracting female friends, attracting business partners, a spouse, or even a following. asked various men and women about those specific things about women that can make them attractive or even more attractive. Here is what we got.

Things a woman can do to be physically more attractive.( How to be attractive as a woman )

1. Be in shape.

However obvious it may be, being in shape is very important to be physically attractive. It does not only enhance your physical looks but also communicates a lot of things about you. It communicates, discipline, self-love, happiness, and self-confidence.

According to a study by the journal of happiness studies, people who are in shape are much happier than their counterparts. Happiness is very attractive. It will draw people toward you in hope of becoming as happy.

2. Embrace your femininity 

The last thing an attractive woman will want to be like is a man. Being a woman, itself comes with a lot of uniqueness and power. With the spread of toxic feminism, many women have mistaken being powerful women for being aggressive like men. A woman is more in tune with her feelings than men will ever be. That makes her have higher empathy. For this, she is a peacemaker.

One that sees beyond what men can not see on people’s faces. Be happy in your feminine body. It is what makes you unique. So, wear those feminine clothes, grow that long hair, have that smooth skin, and learn to use your feminine powers as a woman.

3. Smile.

Nothing is as powerful as a woman who smiles. She smiles through happiness and smiles even when she is crying because she knows her strength is being in touch with herself. A woman that smiles exudes positive energy and confidence.

She softens the hearts of men like Samson of the bible. She can use that smile to serve her intentions because she knows how vulnerable it makes other men and women become. Where a man’s power is often portrayed in how serious or tough, he looks, that of a woman is interpreted from her smile. It attracts all men and women for they will think you hold the true essence of a woman, nourishment, and peace.

A smile makes a woman attractive.

4. Stand straight.

To stand straight, tall with a good posture is to tell the world, ‘’hey god gave me a beautiful body and I feel so good, confident, free, and comfortable in it. To sulk or hunch your back is to communicate to the world, ‘’hey, I hate myself and feel ashamed walking around in this body’’.

People like confident people. When you show love for what you have, people will love it too. What better way to do that than by standing straight?

5. Speak like a goddess. 

Aggression in a woman’s speech is very unattractive. There is a difference between aggression and assertion. You can speak slowly and calmly and still be assertive. There can not be war when a woman’s calm, soft and slow speech meets that of an aggressively speaking man or woman. The slow and calm way of speaking melts the aggression to zero.

It communicates peace, confidence, assurance, and connectedness. Values that are so attractive.

6. Do not show too much.

The truth is men have a fantasy of a freak in bed and a maiden in public. It is an insubstantial strong fantasy that men have and will never even bother to question so don’t bother either. One way to stroke the desires of that fantasy is by dressing in a way that is a mix of both. Do not dress all covered like a maiden or church nun. They will think that you are boring and clueless.

Do not wear extremely exposing clothes too. They will take you for a desperate, immoral, and attention-seeking woman. Find a mix of both. Wear not too exposing and not too concealing clothes. For example, a skirt that is slightly above your knees.

You will raise curiosity in men that will make them want to figure you out. That way they will be attracted to you.

7. Listen

It is more common for women to want to speak, speak and speak forever without listening. Other people, men or women, love to be listened to as well. No wonder most women find attractive men that just shut up and listen. If all you do is just speak, you act selfish and too self-interested.

You have to be able to listen to others, it shows that you care, are generous, and have empathy. It will draw people back to you because whoever speaks to you will enjoy having a conversation with you. That itself is very attractive.

8. Do not yell.

As I said earlier, there is a difference between aggression and assertion. You can still be assertive without yelling. Men and women will take you more serious and understand your message clearly when you speak calmly and softly.

Here is an exercise for you to confirm this. Assume your boyfriend is always busy and spends less time with you. Say this while yelling, ‘’I am tired of you neglecting our relationship’’. Say the same words in a calm and slow voice. The yelling will come off like an attack that will push your boyfriend into defensive mode and make him most likely fail to understand what you are feeling.

The calm, soft, and slow assertive voice asserting how tired you are of him neglecting the relationship, will make him feel your pain and rethink his actions. Which way would you want to have your message effectively received?

Men repel aggressive women and get attracted to assertive women.

9. Ooze confidence.

Nothing is as attractive as a confident woman. She emanates the ‘’I know who I am attitude’’. When you know who you are, nothing can define you except you. No one can take advantage of you through lies or tricks. Men and women will trust you because they know that you are not easily moved.

You will thrive in spaces occupied by men because you have that one thing required to do that. Self-awareness. Self-awareness breeds self-confidence. Self-confidence breeds power. A woman with power is very attractive.

10. Wear a cologne.

One great innate quality of women is nourishment. Being able to nourish yourself, the environment or people makes you a real woman. You attract a lot of people because you hold that feminine ability. One way to nourish people is to uplift their moods, trigger their senses to sense positivity, and make them feel good.

There is no better way to trigger the sense of smell for both you and people than wearing a perfume that smells good. You will be attractive to people for how you make them feel when they smell your perfume. No one ever frowns when they smell a good perfume. No one.

11. Simple is the new classy.

The makeup industry is making a lot of money. The more makeup you put on your face, the more money they make. So they will sell you the lie that too much makeup makes you look good.

Men and a good percentage of women believe the opposite. Too much makeup communicates a lack of confidence in how you look, insecurity, and a need to seek attention. A little makeup is okay. Do not go overboard. The simpler you make it, the more classy you look. A woman with class is so attractive.

12. Keep the nails short.

Let me confess. Something many men that I asked confessed as well. When men see a woman with extremely long nails, in their minds, they wonder how she cleans herself. That is for you to think about.

Anyway, short nails do look good on a woman. They signal class, hygiene, self-respect, and confidence in one’s body. Make them shorter and you will look attractive to most people especially those like me, who have a thing for nails.

how to be attractive on a woman is much more than just a pretty face.
Short nails are attractive on a woman.

13. Love yourself.

Self-love is very important for a woman. When you love yourself, you set the right standards for how you treat other people and how they treat you as well. You become self-assured and confident in your strengths and weaknesses.

When you healthily love yourself, that love spreads to the people around you. It nourishes your relationships and way of life. Draw the line between narcissism and self-love. Self-love is healthy. Narcissism is toxic. When you love yourself, you become able to love others. A person with genuine love is an attractive person.

14. Become self-reliant.

When you rely on yourself for most of your financial, intellectual, physical, or emotional needs, you have a better bargain for life. You will expect less from people. The fewer expectations you have the happier you become.

With self reliance, you will minimize disappointments and maximize joy in your heart. A heart full of joy makes one ooze positive energy. The energy that will have an impact on the people around you. You will become so attractive when you emanate positive energy.

Final thoughts. aims to get you off your feet so you can do work on yourself to become the best version of yourself. The best version of yourself is attractive. So find that one thing or two that you can add to your bag of attractive features. The more attractive features or values you hold the more irresistible you become and the easier life gets for you. You will attract and keep great people in your life that will not only improve your quality of life but also boost your social capital.

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