How to master a skill. 8 eight ways to develop a skill that can make you rich.

Each person in this world has got a skill determined by different factors such as interest, natural abilities, personal qualities, and technical skills. Today am going to share with you the top ways to develop your skills.

Let us learn these simple steps of skill development from a great footballer Lionel Messi who has put them in practice and yielded heavily from them.

In the dog’s age, Lionel Messi was ostracized for being different and many didn’t believe in him at all. He was a short shy and speechless boy whom everybody undermined. Despite these provocative actions towards him, Messi loved and cherished playing football.

What many people saw as a weakness, he saw as his greatest strength. His small and short body gave him the ability to dribble and run so fast past players with extreme agility. Many of us now consider him as the incomparable footballer of our era.

Young Messi after signing for Barcelona FC which took on his medical expenses

We all have certain abilities within us but we aren’t sure how to develop them. Today am here to let the cat out of the bag to give you the sure ways of exploring your capabilities.

How to master a skill

1. Find a skill that you you love.

 Lionel Messi was born to a poor family south of Rosario in Argentina. As soon as he started to walk, he found his way onto the ball. Every moment he saw his brothers play, he couldn’t resist joining in.

Messi said, “at home, I didn’t speak but with the ball at my feet it was like I was singing.” This was a clear indication to him that football was his skill and all he needed was to develop it. Likewise, most of us have got these knacks and we simply need to identify those activities that naturally flow within us. Once we have figured them out, it’s a golden opportunity for us to improve.

This is because once you know your competence you can predefine your career objective since all you need are the right skills to execute your plans with success.

2) Be confident and look for ways to improve.

The Argentine star was always pushed away by his brothers with a claim that he didn’t know what he was doing and was disturbing them as well as wasting his own time. Furthermore, he was undermined by his coach Salvador in his local football club.

Salvador denied him playing time simply because he was short and less on words. But one day during a football match, one of the players on the first eleven squads didn’t show up and this placed the coach in a tight spot.

However, this was a great chance for Messi to be confident and stand out for himself. He told Mr. Salvador that he could fill the gap. But Salvador ignored him and waited a little longer when all hope was lost. At the eleventh hour, the coach told him to join in and play.

All throughout the game, Salvador was scared that the big guys would hurt Lionel Messi. The first ball went past him and the second landed just on his stronger leg, the left one. Coach Salvador insisted on telling him to give away the ball but he instead dribbled past the first, second, third player and scored. His phenomenal debut performance made his coach convinced that Messi was not fit to be left out again.

Most of us simply need to believe in ourselves and stand out at all times to do greater things just like Lionel. Confidence is the best booster for every skill since it opens up a wide arena for improvement. Trust your inner abilities enough to look for and make use of any opportunity to use them.

Messi after winning the player of the year award

3) Practice

“Being skillful isn’t enough alone, you have to impose more efforts.” Messi remarked, “I start early and stay late day after day, year after year. It took me seventeen years and one hundred and fourteen days to become an overnight success.” To improve his skill and become an outspoken figure today that has won seven football Ballon d’Or (awards for best soccer player of the year in the world), Messi had to apply an extra push.

He joined training even when it felt hectic and a huge waste of time, the small lad didn’t give up his persistence to continue practicing. He pushed himself to give the best every time he got a chance to play. Just like Messi, inserting more effort demystifies abilities within us to become better at our given skills.

4) Take advantage of the company around you.

When Messi joined Newel’s old boys (NOB), he met Antonela Roccuzzo. At that time their relationship wasn’t what it is today. She played a huge role in his life especially when it came to his introverted shy personality. After a while, the introverted young man became social and improved in communication skills.

The people around you either contribute to your skills growth or decline. Surround yourself with people who go out of their way to make you better at what you do. Your social capital greatly contributes to how far you can go.

5) Persistence and viewing a challenge as a great opportunity

Messi injected himself daily in his legs. Despite this, he didn’t give up on his football playing skills. He said, “Everything that has happened to me has been special even the tough times because they left marks on me that shape my life.”

He believed that pressing on was the only way to advance his abilities. No matter the pain and discomforts that came his way, Lionel kept a positive mindset at all times and worked harder. He was often kicked, tackled, and hacked but he didn’t cheat and never gave up. Instead, he kept going all through.

Most of us think that talent with hard work is enough to see us through. Persistence is what brings us to the light. We need to work resolutely without relinquishing to get that skill we want.

6) Find a mentor

Right from a small age, the soccer player was foreseen to improve his abilities. First, he was supervised by his own older brothers and father who was a coach for his first local football club that he joined at the age of five. They watched out for him despite his limitations.

Second, were his professional coaches. The first coach that held Leo’s hand at the age of nine after he had left his father’s local football team was Salvador. After that Messi had several coaches throughout his career.

The well-known individual in his skill maturity is Pep Guardiola who boosted his capabilities in a flash of light. At his arrival at Barcelona Pep noticed that the boy had been placed in the wrong number. The argentine was playing the wings.

Find yourself a mentor

However, on Guardiola’s arrival, he placed him in the middle of the field where he could play as a false nine. This was what enlightened his potential to play broad and wide to his fullness in an incredible way. Messi had several people to oversee his development and guide him to his success.

Mentors give proper guidance and direction on how certain expertise should be uplifted at any time. They are the true definition that a man is known by the company he keeps. Because the time you spent with them illuminates the possibility of great improvement.

7) Set goals for yourself

He started his career development by setting targets for himself. He aimed at one thing at a time such as to become the best dribbler, top scorer and win several prizes such as ballon d’Or among other titles.

Above them all, Leo determined himself to join Barcelona football club. To him it was the best team he had ever known. The determination kept him extremely focused and fought for exactly what he wanted continually.

Goals are the fore targets that we aim to achieve. Goals are what keep us moving forward. We are willing to go through the hard and daunting process if we have a goal in mind. Goals are the greatest mirror to help you develop the skill you want.

8) Have role models in the same field.

Since childhood, Lionel had people he looked up to. One of them was Pablo Aimar who played for the Valencia football club. Leo was quoted saying that Aimar was the player he most identified with and he was one of his main idols.

Another is Zinedine Zidane. Lionel strongly admired him and even confessed to having the French star as his role model while growing up.

The most prominent person that he used to emmulate was Diego Maradona who even influenced his play style. To this day many say Messi’s style of play is akin to that of Maradona.

Just like the argentine footballer, we all need to have those people we idolize. These people must be maestros in areas that we want to be skillful. They highly influence how we turn out. They are the green flags to our adroitness.

At some point in time, we need people that are far better than us to compare our success as well as progress to break through our stardom.

In conclusion: to develop a skill, you need to be committed to the process of acquiring it as much as your intense desire to have it. The most skilled people in all arts and careers have put in daunting hours of work to become the people we look up to. If we commit without ceasing fire, we eventually become masters of our trades.

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