How to develop mental agility. 12 ways to make your mind agile.

Have you ever been faced with a situation where your mind quickly absorbs new information, systems, and processes? That is what an agile mind feels like.

Mental agility is the ability to learn fast, swiftly, and efficiently maneuver through situations or challenges and create the best solutions.

People with high mental agility lead others because they are often looked at as intelligent, efficient, reliable, and dependable.

You can develop mental agility

Fortunately, mental agility is something we can all develop. Here are ways to develop mental agility

How to develop mental agility

1. Eat the right breakfast food.

As the saying goes, eating and drinking hold your body and soul together. Substitute the heavy unhealthy meals with nutritious foods for breakfast. Avoid eating foods that make you feel sluggish or tired.

Have fruits, cereals, milk, vegetables, and proteins in your meals. These are high in vitamins and other nutrients that nourish your body including the brain to keep you feeling light, energetic and motivated.

2. Read to exercise your brain

Physical exercise enables one to attain physical agility. The saying that ”Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the brain” implies the same impact. Reading enables the mind to attain mental agility. The ability to read makes one learn useful knowledge that can only be gained through daunting experiences.

As nonreaders figure out things through trial and error, you attain mental agility to do the right thing through reading.

Continuous reading is like a knife sharpening an arrow placed in a bowstring. It slowly but effectively grills and molds the brain into a sharp fast operating instrument

3. Playing games like Chess

Play games that inspire you to think and think. The more you push your brain to think and find the solution in the hurdles of the game, the more agile and stronger it becomes. Games like chess, puzzles, etc can unlock your mind to respond faster and smarter.

Puzzles make your mind agile

4. Don’t go to bed without learning something new

Do not let a day go by without learning something new. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Appreciate the compound effect of small things. You can learn a new word, you can master a new skill, you can learn something in history or technology.

Whatever it is as long as it positively impacts you. It can be an experience someone went through. Whatever it may be, never go to bed without learning something new that day.

5. Interact with people

As the saying goes, ”Fools learn from experiences, the wise learn from mistakes of others”. Interacting with other people enables you to get easy and free access to information, situations, and experiences that enable your mind to attain agility.

People will freely share with you information, advice, and guidance to help you get through challenges or find answers to your questions if you create rapport with them.

6. Meditate

One thing you need, to be mentally agile, is the ability to focus and concentrate. However, the challenge we face is the plenty of thoughts that run in and out of our minds. Useful and useless thoughts overwhelm our minds and alter our ability to focus.

Meditation gives you control over your mind to focus and ignore thoughts that would distract you and divert your attention. Sit in a comfortable quiet place in a straight posture. Then focus on your breath without resisting thoughts entering and leaving your mind. Do it daily for 10minutes and experience the benefits.

Meditation is one of the greatest mind boosters. The activity erases the waste and gives you a calm haven all through for mental clarity.

7. Listen to music

Soothing music is great therapy for the brain. It relaxes your mind to rid of tension and stress that would perhaps alter your retention and learning capacity. It gives your mind a calm effect which enables you to think better and faster.

Listening to music relaxes your mind to increase mental agility

8. Have sufficient sleep.

A great night’s sleep puts you in the right mood and position to challenge any situation that challenges you. When we sleep, the body and mind reset themselves to wash off the tiredness the day brings. It is also during sleep that the brain replaces its cells that are worn out.

If you have problems getting sleep easily, here are ways to fall asleep very fast.

9. Critically analyze and think through things.

Learn to question everything that you instinctually and logically do not understand. There is a reason why some questions arise in your mind. Do not be held back by limitations of fear or shame get you in a cage of ignorance.

Ask so you can find the answers. The more you ask, the more you learn. High mental agility and mental growth requires continuous learning.

10. Cultivate creativity.

“Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein’s saying is the drive of a lot of many creations in man. We all have innate abilities, talents, skills, and products that can change the world.

However, our ability to show them to the world depends on how much we can express ourselves. We all have an imagination that transcends our logic. However, our limiting beliefs and fear get us tied in what society only accepts as logic yet it is mere conformity.

It is the people crazy enough to cultivate their imagination and creativity who go on to do things only those with the same mental agility can do.

11. Strive for efficiency.

Avoid quick fixes when doing something. Most times it’s the hard or daunting process that brings the best results. In presence of many options, strategies, or plans, follow the one that brings the best results. This puts you beyond many people who always prefer the easy way out.

12. Communicate clearly and easily.

”If you can not put it in words clearly and simply, you have not understood it yourself. It is not only important to understand what other people are saying but also that which we are communicating.

Communicating clearly and simply increases mental agility

The ability to simply and clearly articulate your mind is an element of high mental agility. Practicing good communication enables you to easily communicate with your environment to get the right information. It is important to ask and express your needs to get the right answers for your mind.

Benefits of mental agility

  • Creativity
  • Improved social skills
  • Ability to stand up for themselves
  • Calmness and composure
  • Evolved reasoning skills
  • Greater comprehension of events
  • Great communication skills.
  • Better Critical thinking skills and ability to solve problems
  • Efficiency at work
  • More productive
  • Flexibility
  • High stress management abilities

Conclusion. Man or woman, young or old, we all need high mental agility to easily respond to our needs and those of the environment. Luckily, it is something we can all nurture and develop. Even some people naturally have it,

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