How to fall asleep easily. 19 ways you can use to get sleep very fast

It is half-past midnight. You have to be up for work by 6am. Your plan was to be asleep by 11pm so you can have at least seven hours of sleep like the doctor recommends. You are tossing and turning in bed trying to find some sleep.

Unfortunately, you just can’t. You are fully awake, bored at night yet so sober in that you even hear the smallest insect moving under your bed. I have been there. It’s a hard place to be.

When you finally get some sleep at 4am, the alarm runs two hours later. You are up and doubtful if you will be at your best in the new day.  Worry not let me share with you 18 ways you can make yourself fall asleep very fast.

Sleep resets your body to make you feel alive

However, these may not work if you don’t know the very reason why you are struggling to fall asleep. Before we explore the 18ways, here are some of the possible reasons you can’t just seem to find sleep.

  • You eat too much before bed which puts your body at work to digest the food instead of at rest so you can easily sleep.
  • Poor sleeping habits. You take naps every other time during day. You are watching Tv or on your smart phone while in bed. You sleep with electronics like the Tv on etc.
  • Stress. You have things on your mind that are stressing you. Your mind just can’t stop racing.
  • Uncomfortable bed.
  • A health condition that is painful or sleep depriving.

In case you suspect it’s something to do with your health (including mental health) kindly visit your doctor.

19 ways to make fall asleep very fast.

1. The YMM option.

YMM stands for yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Yoga pauses most especially hatha yoga induces relaxation into both the body and mind by ridding you of any existing tension and anxiety so you can fall asleep.

Meditation and mindfulness cause a reaction called the relaxation response. When our bodies and minds are not relaxed, we are aroused. An aroused mind can not fall asleep. It races from thought to thought. Meditation and mindfulness gradually relax you to make you less aroused so you can sleep.

yoga relaxes your body

2. Your gadgets are your enemy.

Your phone, computer, and television emit blue light which does two things to you. It gets you more aroused mentally which blocks the relaxation that transitions the body into sleep. The blue light from gadgets also inhibits the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. Melatonin controls your sleeping cycle. The absence of melatonin means no sleep.  Keep away from your gadgets an hour or 30minutes before your sleep time.

3. Work out/ exercise

Working out does not only make you fit, healthy, and in shape, but also enables you to get very good sleep. My best sleep comes on the days I go to the gym. Body exercise makes you both physically and mentally tired so you can easily get sleep. It is hard to ruminate over your worries, stress, or work when you are tired. All you just want to do is to get in your bed and sleep. Exercising also helps to improve the mood in case of any stress and tension which would stop you from falling asleep.

4. Get your body temperature low.

When asleep our body temperature drops to a cool one. High temperatures are not conducive to sleep. When it’s hot the body will most likely engage in movements of tossing and turn which disrupts your transition to sleep mode.

If you have an air conditioner in your room, set it to about 65°F (18.3°C). Not warm. Not cold. Just cool enough for the body to comfortably be at rest. In case your room isn’t air-conditioned, you can open windows to regulate the temperature. In case you fear the boogie man might enter through the window, leave them closed and take a warm shower. Your body will react to regulate its temperature to a cool one.

5. Program your mind.

Program your mind to fall asleep at a given time. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. If you go to bed at 9pm every day, your body will get used to it. At around 9pm every day, the body will demand sleep.

6. Create a dark or dim-lit room.

The body reacts to darkness by producing a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. To therefore fall asleep very fast and easily, switch off the lights. If you fear darkness consider dim lights in your room.

7. The clock is your enemy.

Every time you try to sleep and look at the clock, your mind gets pressured to sleep which in turn just arouses it more. Here is the thing, the mind is a tricky organ.

If you tell it not to think about your ex, it laughs in your face and instead reminds you of the old times with her. It’s the same case, if you tell it to try and sleep at time A, it will do the opposite. Just ignore it and anything like the clock that would stimulate it. You can consider removing the clock from your room or switching it off.

8. Naps are for the nocturnal.

If you plan to sleep at night, understanding that you have trouble falling asleep, avoid naps during the day. In case you do, you will look at your ceiling and scan it with your eyes all night. Keep awake during the day so you can sleep at night.

9. Grab a physical book.

A 2009 study by researchers at the University of Sussex confirmed that six minutes of reading relaxes the mind by 68%. This rids it of any tension and stress so you can easily be transitioned to sleep. However, the book should be a physical one. E-books on a tab or phone get you exposed to blue light which inhibits melatonin.

10. Quit or limit caffeine

Caffeine and caffeinated drinks are brain stimulants. A stimulated brain is an aroused one which can hardly go to sleep. Caffeine takes 4 to 6 hours for the body to metabolize. To therefore be able to sleep easily, avoid caffeine six hours before sleep time.

Avoid coffee six hours before sleep time.

11. Consume sleep-inducing meals.

High-fat meals in place of carbohydrates work well to facilitate your sleep transition. These include nuts, fish, milk, kiwi, etc. They are easy to digest and require less body activity.

12. Relax your mind with music.

We all have that kind of music that sets us at peace with the world. That kind of music makes you close your eyes and let the ears do the work. If you are having trouble sleeping, play that music, close your eyes and listen to it. You will not know at what song you fell asleep. I usually play country music and soft rock to go to the deepest rooms of slumberland.

13. Love your bed.

Sometimes we blame our problems or loud teenagers in the neighborhood yet it is really our bed and bedroom that isn’t comfortable for us to sleep in. Your bed is your safe haven where you go to rest with yourself. Make it worth calling a safe haven. If you can afford it, paint it with the colors you love, put it in the best bed you can find, make the bed and have it clean always. You will be excited to lay on it so you can easily fall asleep without roaches in the corners.

14. Drag your thoughts by the hand.

If you have a lot of worries and thoughts on your mind, here is the trick. Get a pen and a paper and write each and every one of them. The psychological effect is that it dispossesses your mind of the many thoughts. It will feel like you have got that heavy video slowing down your computer and put it on a hard drive where you will get it from whenever you need it. Writing or journaling is therapeutic to the mind.

15. Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy sets a relaxing mood that prepares your mind for sleep. Yes, aromatherapy helps with sleep. Essential oils like lavender are relaxing when inhaled and rid the mind of any tension.

16. Retrospect

Get into your mind and know what is in there. Sometimes we become an automated wreck of thoughts getting in and out of our minds. We even notice them but never give much attention to know them. Reflecting to know which thoughts and why they are in your mind helps you respond to them accordingly which releases tension. If your mind is thinking about the several pending tasks at work, you can identify the thoughts and plan how to tackle them the next day. This helps you relax knowing that you already have a plan.

17. Positive visualization

Set positive pictures in your mind about your future and the things you believe in. This cultivates positive feelings which neutralize any negative tension and thoughts that would bring stress and worry. In turn, you relax and transition to sleep.

18. Self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis helps you relax your mind to help you fall asleep. Do you remember that magician that would make people fall asleep by getting them to focus on the sound of a spoon stirring in the cup? Well, that is what am talking about. You can learn to do it. Click on my self-hypnosis guide to falling asleep.

19. Sex and Masturbation

Sex is a great way to get yourself to fall asleep easily.

Sex helps relax the body to sleep. If you can’t find sleep, talk to your partner and get some mind-blowing sex. This rids your body and mind from tension and stress. In case you do not have someone by you, try masturbation. That is if your beliefs are in harmony with it. However, do not rely on it so much to avoid getting addicted and ruining your sex life.

Conclusion. Sleep is very important for both the body and mind. It is through sleep that the body resets itself for the new day. Good sleep is not only good for your health but also gets you fresh and energetic for the new day. I hope all these tips are useful to you so you can get sleep very fast and have great sleep. In case none of this works, kindly visit your doctor to find out a solution to help you. Share with me what usually works for you to get asleep in the comments.

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