How to forget someone. 8 tips to move on and be happy.

Forgetting someone is extremely hard. The pain of not having that person in your life anymore can be intolerable. You keep reminiscing on the good times, and the special bond you had as well as the great things you lost.

The reality you must face as an individual is that you cannot just wake up today and forget someone nor will you ever forget them forever. However, you can figure out a way to move on and live without them.

In this article, we will look at the best way to move on if you are trying to forget someone whether they are alive or have passed on.

We all have one person or two that we want to erase from our memory and if you are staying up all night thinking about that one person and wondering how to move on, these few handy tips have proved to be effective and could be just what you need.

You can not forget someone but can become indifferent to them
  1. Acceptance

The first step in moving on is acceptance. Accept the fact that it’s over but life moves on. Take a breakup, for example, it can shatter your plans and goals. If you were in a long-term relationship with the other person you haven’t just lost them but also the future you had planned out. Hence why it is vital to take time to mourn that loss and then make fresh plans.

You will be able to make fresh plans when you accept that it is done and a new chapter has to be started.

How to move on

2. Pack or box up mementos from the relationship

Is your phone full of photos with a loved one? Or do you still have a drawer filled with their clothes? As painful as it may be, you need to pack them up. All these items can stir strong emotional reactions from you and will stall your progress if you have all these reminders around you regularly.

Comb through all these mementos and take the time to toss away what you can bear to part with. This will kick-start your healing process.

3. Use your pain to your advantage

Do not allow yourself to be weak for too long, people often turn to self-destructive behaviors after a loss or bad breakup resulting in them getting into different kinds of addictions like abusing drugs, porn etc.

Use your negative feelings to empower yourself to become better and learn from this experience. You can turn to healthy habits like going to the gym or taking up different hobbies. You develop profound self love and be able to rely on yourself for everything you miss in the broken relationship.

6. Lean on your support network

While you may have the tendency to isolate yourself, listen to sad music or binge eat. These can quickly lead to a cycle of depression and negative thoughts. It is completely normal to experience these feelings.

However, don’t spend too much time grieving. If you can, reach out to family members and trusted friends in your inner circle and lean on them for support you will easily move on and forget your ex. Bottling up your feelings is not healthy.

It is also important to know who to talk to about relationships. Find someone mature you trust.

Seek emotional support from friends or family

7. Seek professional help

Whether it is from a short-term but intense relationship or a divorce after many years of marriage getting over someone can plunge you into a dark place. Unfortunately, not everyone has a strong support system that they can reach out to and that’s where therapy comes in.

You can not entirely forget about the person you loved. With time and healing, you will be able to appreciate the good parts of the relationship without feeling pain. Therapy can help guide you through this process and get you to the other side faster.

8. Don’t Dwell on the Good Parts Only

When we lose someone in our lives we often tend to only remember the good memories about them overlooking why the relationship ended in the first place. Do not let your feelings cloud your judgment.

Look from the outside and see all the things that made the relationship fail. Once you deal with these feelings you will be able to think with a clear head.

There are two main reasons why we struggle to forget someone

1) We believe they are the one for us and 2) We may fear that we cannot find anyone better which is further from the truth. It is important to remember two things; if they are the ones they will come back into your life . Second. You will always be able to find someone better.

I had a friend who was head over heels for her man. She was so blinded by this love that she couldn’t see he was only taking advantage of her. It took an entire support system for her to bounce back. Once she finally made the decision to forget him and move on, she was able to find one of the healthiest and happy relationships she has ever known.

Why am I telling you this story? Well, this is to show you that as afraid as you might be towards forgetting someone and moving on there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When do you know that you must forget about someone?

If they are toxic in your life, then you need to do the necessary and take them out of your life

If they do not bring you happiness and only look for you in times of need then you do not share the same feelings. You need to take yourself through the process of forgetting them and move on.

Smile and believe that everything is going to be alright.

In conclusion, trust the process, you might probably just want to get over your person as fast as you can and move on but feelings are way more complicated than that. You have to give yourself time to heal and go through the different stages as they come. It might take a while, for some people it takes years but all you can do is trust that everything you’re going through right now will make you even stronger in the future. If you put in the work, you can get the best revenge I recommend for your ex.

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