How to lose weight. 8 ways to change your life to fit, in shape, healthy, happy, and energetic

Perhaps one of the top searches in search engines. Weight loss is one thing that, according to a study 51% of all people want. 60% of all people want to work on improving their health which in most cases encompasses losing weight. To be healthy with the right weight is a lifestyle. This means that there is a way you have to run your life. There are some things you need to add to your life and also subtract from.

The simple formula for losing weight is burning more calories and eating fewer calories. As simple as it may sound, it takes strong willpower, consistency, perseverance, sacrifice, and focus.

Eat less calories, burn more calories

It takes time to gain weight. Calories are energy the body uses to do various activities like physical work or exercise, digestion, thinking, etc. If you consume a lot of calories/energy in food than the body requires, the excess will be converted and stored as fat in the body.

The fat will be re-converted to energy in case the body starts to use more energy than it consumes. When you work out, the body will use a lot of energy which will come from the food you eat and the fat stored in the body. As it burns more fat for energy, you lose weight.

However, significant weight loss can only be noticed after working out for a consistent period. It can be a week, a month, or even a year depending on how much time, consistency, and discipline you invest. You will be happy with yourself once you achieve your weight loss goals.

If you want to kick start your weight loss journey to get in shape, here is what you need to begin with;

How to lose weight.

1. Change your lifestyle

Your daily activities and work schedules are key to both your weight loss and maintaining your new weight. Lifestyle is the center of everyone’s weight. Whether to lose it or gain it depends on your lifestyle. Lifestyle is about your eating habits, sleeping habits, exercising among other daily activities. All these activities can either add or reduce your weight.

Therefore proper adjustment in this lifestyle and maintaining the adjustment will reduce and maintain your weight for as long as you want. Have sufficient sleep. Exercise. Eat a healthy low-calorie diet and minimize stress

Eat a healthy meal

2. Start doing physical exercise

This is one of the most credited actions of weight loss. Physical exercise is sometimes ignored in the weight loss journey. However, it is necessary because it improves metabolic health for those who do it.

Workouts such as lifting weights reduce the amount of fat in the body. It also makes one consume more water which lowers food intake.

Exercise such as jogging, yoga among others increases blood flow and smooth circulation. In addition, they improve and set free the respiratory system of the body by releasing anything in the trachea, lungs hence healing some of the respiratory diseases.

Relaxing of the mind such as taking off stress, reducing fatigue makes the body relaxed. Swimming is a great choice. It enables you to have fun while burning calories at the same time. You will feel good and look good.

3. Cut the saturated fat intake

Our bodies are mostly made up of fats and oils. Therefore eating lots of foods high in saturated fats is doing our bodies the greatest injustice. An intake of saturated fats will increase the amount of fat in the blood leading to illnesses like hypertension and heart failure.

However, this can be put to a stop by reducing the consumption or cutting them out. Someone will ask shall we entirely stay away from foods rich in fats?

Definitely not! We all need some fat in our bodies but in regulated amounts. Unsaturated fats are good for the body. One can eat some olive oil, avocado oil, butter but all in moderate amounts. Avoid saturated fats from biscuits, bacon, cured meat, etc.

4. Reduce the refined carbs you eat.

Sugars and carbohydrates are the greatest contributors to weight gain. Carbohydrates and sugar increase the desire for more meals. They cause an unnecessary hunger in one’s body thus a desire to eat all the time.

Some sugary drinks and fruit juices contain chemicals and toxins which tend to cut down all the food in the body and keep one extra hungry. Furthermore, refined carbs are usually high in calories. a 300mls bottle of soda needs you to run for at least 30minutes to offset the calories it contains.

Junk foods such as chips, sausages always are very high in calories and contain a lot of unsaturated fats. As much as they are delicious to eat, the effects are not worth it.

5. Eat more proteins and vegetables.

Proteins are essential to preserving health as well as muscles which creates a necessary need for them in weight loss. Proteins are satiating which reduces one’s appetite for meals. They also curb cravings for snacks which greatly contribute to weight gain. 

Examples of these proteins include beans, legumes, fish, meat, eggs among many other foods. Another important item our bodies need are vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber among others. These contain fibers that keep you full and dehydrated hence a great desire for water and reduced desire for food.

Proteins and vegetables also help your skin to glow.

6. Reduce your Appetite          

A better way to state this is to reduce the amount of food you eat. We all have to eat as required to keep alive. However, to many people eating has become an addiction. We tend to eat out for fun as well as eat to keep our mouths busy.

A great way to curb this is intermittent fasting. Foregoing some meals to have your appetite in control and also keep your calorie intake within range to lose weight.

7. Drink water before meals

Drinking water half an hour before meals will help you curb your food intake. It makes you half full. In turn, you consume less food which lowers your calorie intake. It is a great way to trick yourself into minimizing your calorie intake if you are used to consuming a lot of food.

Drink water 30 minutes before a meal

8. Have enough sleep

Sufficient sleep accelerates your weight loss journey. Most of the changes in the body happen as we sleep. with most of the functions put to rest, the body concentrates on making amends with the needs of the body.

In a study, it was confirmed that one can alter the weight loss journey by up to 55% by not having sufficient sleep even if they worked out and maintained a calorie deficit diet. 6 to 8 hours of sleep are sufficient for a steady weight loss progressive journey.

If you have trouble falling asleep, check out how to fall asleep very fast.

Conclusion. Losing weight is a daunting journey one has to walk. You can not hire someone to do it for you. You have to bear the weight and pain that it brings. However, it can be an interesting thing to do if you embrace it. It does not only become fun working out and eating healthy meals but also changes your life. You feel healthier, stronger, fit, and lively. You will wake up excited, motivated, and with energy. Losing weight improves your self-image and self confidence greatly.

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