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Skillshare courses are digital products that can earn you good passive income.

Make money from what you know. Yes, you have invested too much time in mastering your skill, knowledge, craft, or strategy. You deserve to make money from it. If it can change someone else’s life, it can change your life too by earning from it.

Online courses are one of the top profitable digital products you can make money from.

If you can teach someone a skill like public speaking, writing, video editing, online marketing, coding, photoshop, etc, you have an opportunity to earn passive income. You only have to design and package that course into videos and upload them to skill share.

If you intend to sell online courses to make money, here is my experience with skillshare. I have used other online course market platforms. In my 5 best online course platforms, skillshare is number one. For reasons I am to share, skillshare is the best choice for me.

Why skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform where over 30,000 instructors or teachers upload courses in various niches for millions of students. Courses include practical or hands-on courses like illustration, writing, photography, etc, and other personal development courses like improving productivity, speech, self-reliance, etc. If you plan to sell an online course, here are reasons why you should use skillshare.

  • Skillshare provides a rich range of resources to guide you through the process of designing a sellable, engaging, and impactful course.
  • You can build a business monetizing your passion. Skillshare pays teachers for teaching on the platform. With even the right strategy which I am going to share with you, you can become an expert in a short time and raise your passive income to at least $3000 per month.
  • Access to a large audience, on the teacher’s side, competition is low. Not many teachers use the platform like other platforms. However, many students are looking for courses on the platform. With skillshare, you have access to millions of students waiting for you.
  • Resources from top teachers. On skillshare, you can connect with top teachers and learn from them. Top teachers share their experiences and give feedback to new entrants to accelerate your growth on the platform.
  • Secondary opportunities. On skillshare, if you have great content, you can gain access to great opportunities from people in the skillshare community. You get hired to teach or provide related services.
  • You earn passive income. Skillshare pays teachers in two ways. One is based on minutes students spend on your course and the second is through referrals. As I type this you earn $10 for every signup that uses a link skillshare gives you as your affiliate link.

My experience with skillshare.

I learned about skillshare from Youtuber Ali Abdaal. He shares his earnings from his skillshare courses. He earned on average $8000 per month. All he did was record a few courses and upload them. His best is the ”improving productivity course”. After uploading his first course, he immediately started receiving royalties at the end of the first month.

Sign up for free and teach a class from your comfort.

This inspired me to also chase for that passive cash. I signed up as a student and subscribed as well to learn and teach as well. I designed my first course ”how to write a nonfiction book”  and uploaded it.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as I hoped. It was a shoddily prepared and edited course. Skillshare gave it a strike. The audio was poor and the video was poorly edited.

Skillshare has a strict policy when it comes to course quality. The platform has a review team that watches newly uploaded courses to check quality standards. So my course was unpublished and students could not watch it.

I did not give up. I was already working on my second course which I uploaded a week later. It got a strike as well. I had not attached a student’s project to it and the audio was still poor.

This was my second strike, on the third strike, skillshare was to ban me for good as a teacher. skillshare gives you only three chances to meet quality standards. Once you get the third strike you can not teach on the platform.

With only one chance left, I was determined to take it.

I hired a professional cameraman and editor. Redesigned a new course called ”How to build self-reliance”. The new team helped me record it and professionally edited it.

Voila, my course was uploaded and for the first time published and accepted by the review team. The next day I checked, three students had watched my forty minutes course and earned me $6.64. not bad a start, I checked again 27 days later and I had $ 167.

And that was just the beginning before the course had gained significant traffic. Interesting.

Slowly my course was picking up. I had already gotten my return on investment. I spent $150 on recording and editing. Any more earnings were pure profit.

Learning that it was possible with skillshare, I designed more courses and even developed a simple strategy that earns me on average $2000 per month.

If you invest the hard work and skills or money (in case you can’t edit or record) required, you can make a great deal of passive income from the platform.

My winning strategy

To make money on skillshare, you have to be strategic with your efforts. Yes, you can post one video and earn some $200 per month but that’s not enough money to be excited for.

With a good strategy, you can be sure to make at least $1000 in a bad month. The strategy I am going to share with you is as simple as it comes. But it requires your efforts. In the beginning, it’s tiring since you have to invest a lot of your time and skills or money if you need to hire a professional cameraman and video editor.

30 minutes courses attract a lot of students

The strategy is called 300minutes for $1000 minimum.

Why 300 minutes? Skillshare requires a maximum of 60minutes per course and a minimum of 10 minutes per course. Unless a course is too engaging, students do not usually watch the whole course the first time they click on it. They usually take breaks or get distracted. Some return others do not.

To make sure you gain a decent number of minutes from each student, keep the course short and simple. Who wouldn’t want to learn something new or gain skill in just 30 minutes?

You have to keep it short enough to attract a student to watch it without the worry of spending so much time on it and long enough to deliver all the lessons and information you want to deliver in the course. 30 minutes strikes the balance between the two.

If you have 10 courses averaging 30 minutes each, you reach our goal of 300 minutes.

Since skillshare pays $0.05 to $0.10 per minute, if we count the minimum payment for each course of 30 minutes, you earn at least $1.5 from a very student that watches a full course.

If you do some good work with your courses, skillshare directs traffic to them automatically without you doing any extra marketing. You will get a minimum of 150 students viewing your course per month. That will average $200 earnings per course in a month.

Here is what you have to do to hit a monthly $1000 income from skillshare;

Find a niche you are passionate about. Practical courses like photography, illustrator, animation, web design, application development, weaving, painting, drawing, etc have a high chance on the skillshare platform since most courses are for creators. However, this doesn’t mean that if your passion isn’t under those niches you won’t earn, you will. Matter of fact, I am not a creator on the platform, my courses are about personal development and self-help.

After finding a niche, write down ten exciting things you can teach within that niche. For example, if it’s drawing, you can teach how to shade, how to draw faces, how to draw animals, how to balance lighting in your drawing, etc

Each of those is going to be a 30 minutes course. If you focus on uploading courses under one niche, you will easily attract an audience, a following that will engage in discussions on your courses, upload projects, and subscribe to receiving updates from your courses. This will draw more new eyes to your courses ensuring increasing consistent income.

If you post courses about different subjects from different niches, it will be hard to get a following. You will confuse students.

Work on a course at a time, once you finish recording and editing, upload it and move to the next course until you finish all ten.

Make sure you mention your other courses in the intro and outro of each course to help students find them.

The process will take you some time. How quickly you finish the ten courses will depend on how much time you invest. It can take you three months to a year. But if you have a good camera and audio device with video editing skills, it shouldn’t take you long. You can prepare content in five days and record it in one day then edit it in three days. In 4months you should be having at least 8 courses uploaded.

Provided you have finished all the ten courses and uploaded them, if they are good enough, you can earn $200 from each. That makes a monthly $2000 from skillshare. However, not all courses will perform well. Some will do better than others. But if the worst comes to the worst, you are assured of earning $1000.

That is why I call this strategy 300minutes, $1000income. 300minutes from ten courses of 30 minutes each and a minimum expected income of $1000.

That’s a significant amount of money to earn passively.

If you add on earnings from referrals, you won’t have to worry about some bills. 

Note that after making the ten courses, you will not have to go through the hard work again. All you will have to do is spare atleast 15 to 30 minutes five days a week to respond to discussions and questions from your students and the skillshare community. This will help you keep your courses active and also ranking high. You will also enjoy the interaction online.

Tips to make a good skillshare course.

Show enthusiasm when teaching

Prepare quality engaging content.

Have a deep conviction about what you are teaching.

Teach to impact not mainly to earn.

Use a good camera.

Use good audio devices to have quality audio.

Uploaded well-edited videos.

Be conversational in your courses. Have a friendly tone.

Smile and show that you are excited to teach students viewing your courses.

Use phrases like ”see you in the next lesson”, ” welcome to my Skillshare course”

Make use of skillshare resources for teachers.

Conclusion. You can make money on skillshare with the right strategy. The earnings may not make you a millionaire, but they can pay a lot of your bills. Furthermore, they can catapult you to become a thought leader or expert in your niche online. Skillshare allows you to share your social media handles, youtube, or blog details at the beginning and end of the course. It is also a great way to get religious followers and organic traffic. What are you waiting for? Go sign up for free on skillshare and create some passive income.