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I am certain you know what Skillshare is. If you do not, worry not. I have got your back. Skillshare is an online learning community with many classes or short courses for creative and curious people. It has over 12 million students that pay to learn and over 40,000 teachers paid to teach. Courses include illustration, design, photography, video, painting, web design, finances, personal development, etc.

Make money teaching on Skillshare

Here is the good news for you. Anyone that has something to teach, can become a teacher on Skillshare. You do not have to get a university degree, diploma, or certificate. You can literary wake up one day, sit in front of a camera and teach people how to pause for pictures. Skillshare will pay you for that. It’s that easy. There is no university course about pausing for photographs. Incase you want some skillshare course ideas, I gat you.

Before I tell you how you can make money on Skillshare, here are some of the reasons you should teach on Skillshare;

You do not pay to sign up or teach on Skillshare. Skillshare loves teachers and for that, everything is free for you as a teacher.

If you want to market your course, it is okay. But if you do not have the time, worry not. Your course will not go to the bottom ranks. Skillshare sends you traffic to your course.

Skillshare has a team of experts waiting to guide you on how you can design a course that will help you make money on the platform.

You can design the digital product ie an online course then see how your investment makes money for you as you sleep.

You have access to millions of students.

The platform has a lot of students and few teachers. This means the demand for courses is way higher than the supply. What an opportunity for you!

There are so many reasons to teach on Skillshare, I can go for an hour. Let’s dive into how you can make money on Skillshare.

The two ways you can make money on skillshare.


Unlike other platforms, you do not sell your online course at your price on Skillshare. With Skillshare, you upload your course and get paid for every minute a student spends watching your course. Skillshare students pay a monthly subscription for premium courses. Your course is premium if you do not list it as free.

The students’ premium subscription gives them access to all courses. For this, it’s easy for your course to be discovered and for Skillshare as well, to send you traffic.

Skillshare has a lot of students ready to learn

Skillshare pays a teacher $0.05 to $0.10 for every minute a student spends watching your course videos. If for instance, your course is 30 minutes, Skillshare will pay you $1.5. if you get at least 200 students watching your course in one month, you will earn $300. If you have a big following, you can make thousands of dollars.

It is easy to grow your passive income on Skillshare if you start and be consistent with your courses. With the right skillshare money-making strategy, you can make a minimum of $2000 per month of passive income.

Referral revenue.

If you have a following on any other platform like youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc, you will have a lot of joy looking at your skillshare account balance. If you do not have that following, you can grow it. It’s easy. A little efforts of marketing and sharing quality content.

Skillshare pays teachers referral revenue of 10 dollars for every student referral you make that subscribes for the premium courses. This is where most of the skillshare passive income comes from. If you make at least 200 referrals in a month, you have yourself $2000.

Your bills are sorted and then royalty revenues to invest in other things. What are you waiting for? Sign up on skillshare and thank me later.

How to receive payment on skillshare.

Skillshare uses Tipalti, a worldwide payment platform that handles multiple payment types to pay the teachers. However, the payment is paid in a single currency, the USD.

You can choose to receive your payments on PayPal, ACH, e-check, and wire transfer depending on which options are available for your country. The Tipalti payment methods article will show you what options are available for you.

Skillshare pays teachers on the 16th of every month. For example payments for referral revenue and minutes watched for the whole of January will be paid on the 16th of February and for February on the 16th of march.

The time it takes for money to reflect on your account depends on the method of payment you choose. Some payment methods like PayPal, domestic wire transfer, and international wire transfer take one to two business days. Others like ACH, and e-check, take three to seven days.

In case there is an issue of delayed payment, you can contact the skillshare support team for assistance.

Skillshare covers transaction fees for PayPal, ACH, and e-check payments. Because wire transfer fees are higher than the costs of other payment methods the teacher is responsible for the costs.

You will also incur exchange rate changes if you want to receive payment in a currency other than US dollars.

Conclusion. There you have it, how you can make money on Skillshare and how you can receive that money. Because I do not have time to market my courses, Skillshare works for me. You can earn without marketing your course. But if you can, other platforms can also give you great offers. With a quality digital product, you can make money in your sleep. A course on Skillshare is a great place to start.