How to quit your Job and not regret anything.

 That one thing we all crave in this world is complete freedom. To do as we wish, wake up when want, sleep where we want, eat what we want, and decide as we wish. When you are employed, sometimes all that seems like a dream.

So you have decided to quit your job.

Wait…    maybe you are not quitting to start your own business. You got a better job that is much more congruent with your terms and goals.

Perhaps you have some issues at your workplace and you can’t take it anymore.

Don’t decide yet, let me take you through a few things to consider before coming to a conclusive decision and action.

Reasons for quitting your job

New job

In case you got a new job and want to quit your current one, consider talking to your boss first before deciding to quit. This may possibly open another conversation to renegotiate your salary for a raise or even a promotion. Jumping from one job to another most times bites you back in the long run.

When companies are recruiting, they usually check the time spent on your previous employment. Even still promotion in most companies depends on employee loyalty. Loyalty is most times measured by how long you have stayed at the company. Having to start over in a new company every other time will limit your chances of promotion.

Be sure you have a new job before you quit

It is also important to do thorough research about the working environment and employ treatment at both your current workplace and the prospective one. You might be jumping from a frying pan into the fire.

In case the new company serves your interests better in the long run, you can then quit your job.  

It is also important to work out the numbers. Consider costs incurred at your current job and those you may probably incur at the new one. Sometimes new jobs come with higher pay but with more costs.

It might require you to always work overtime then you end up hiring a nanny or babysitter. It may require higher transport costs. On balancing your books, you find out that the increased costs take the difference between your new higher salary at the new job and the salary at your current one.

Pay raise.

In case you ask for a salary raise and your request is declined. You are right to consider taking a higher-paying job. We all need more money and value for our efforts. All our efforts at work are paid a value equivalent. In case you are giving more value than you are paid, it is only right that you accept a job that matches that kind of value.

However, it is also important to consider the opportunity cost of leaving your current job. Sometimes it is better to stay at a low-paying job where you can acquire sufficient experience and mentorship than taking on a new high-paying one that won’t offer you any training or mentorship.


Anthony Brandy once said ‘’other things may change us, but we start and end with family’’. No matter how much you may be earning, if time at work is affecting your family, quitting for a more convenient job is the right decision. We rarely have profound relationships at work.

In fact, when we leave our workplaces, we hardly get a call from our colleagues to check on how we are doing. At our deepest moments in life, it is family that stands by us. It is usually family that loves you regardless of what you have to offer.

When you stop delivering at work, you will cease to matter. At no cost should you choose work over family. You can find a way to balance the two but if you get in a situation where you have to choose, let it be family you opt for.


The greatest asset you can ever have in this world is knowledge. Do not give up an opportunity to acquire more knowledge for the sake of a job. The more credentials you hold, the more bargaining power you have to get higher pay.

To start a business.

The biggest reason of all. When you reach that point where you decide that your expertise, time, and knowledge is better diverted to a business under your ownership, quitting is the right decision. Self-employment gives you unlimited opportunities.

With your business, you can live on your own terms. The chances of retiring early are very high. You can reach a point in life where you earn money even when you choose to stay in bed on a rainy Monday morning.

Even though there are stories of people who have had a miserable experience in starting a business after quitting their jobs, the success stories are equally high. You can not test the success of entrepreneurship without trying it. In case your job gives you time to run a side business, put one foot out. Run your business until it earns you enough to quit your job. Online businesses like selling digital products can be a great investment to do while still employed.

You can not know the fruits of owning a business without trying it.


I want you to know that nothing should come at the cost of your life. You mean to the world, your family, and you much more than your job. Your mental health is very important. Your peace of mind is very important.

There is nothing as traumatizing as working in a toxic workplace. There is nothing as hurtful as working from a place where you are not socially accepted. Sometimes colleagues at work are malicious. We meet people from all walks of life at workplaces. People with a lot of insecurities and inferiorities. It is not your fault that you are more productive or efficient at what you do.

Some colleagues at work would rather find a way to make you cut your wings than ask you how to show them how to fly. If you have tried the best you can to stop them, please go on and quit. Peace of mind is your victory not staying in a toxic environment to end up toxic as well.

However, it is important to first plan your life after quitting, otherwise trying to bear a toxic environment at work might turn out better than being thrown out to the streets for not paying your rent bills.

Your mental health is more important than a toxic workplace.

When to quit.

Quit as soon as you are ready

How to quit

Different countries have different labor laws. Find out the laws regarding the dissolution of a contract and quitting jobs. It is very important to leave your current job respectfully and decently. Inform your manager or boss two weeks to a month before you quit. This will enable the company to plan for a replacement in time.

In case there is a need to provide guidance and training to your replacement, offer it kindly free of charge.

Regardless of how your boss reacts, maintain composure and calmness. Be as humble, kind, and polite as you can in your responses but still assertive.

If your workplace has been toxic and there are some people who you would want to show a middle finger before you quit, please keep your hand in your pocket. Be kind to them in your farewell.

It is important to not burn bridges, the negative reactions we make sometimes follow us to our next workplaces in form of gossip. The world is a small place.

If you respectfully leave your current job, your employer will appreciate it and give you a worthy recommendation.

Arrange a physical meeting with your boss and tell him about your resignation face to face. After that go ahead and send an email to make it official.

Inform your boss about all the positives you have experienced at the job. Avoid saying anything negative.

Dos and DON’Ts


  • Meet your manger in person
  • Send an email to confirm your resignation.
  • Inform all concerned people on confirmation of your resignation.
  • Ask for a reference to your new employer.
  • Return everything that belongs to your current employer e.g. company cars, housing etc.


Don’t quit before confirming employment at your new job.

Do not leave your colleagues and boss on negative terms.

Keep your new job details to the minimum information

Stay loyal to any non-disclosure agreements that you may have signed with your employer.


It is a tough decision to make when quitting a job. It is like moving into unknown lands. No matter the case, sometimes not deciding to quit can be something you will regret in the future. Do all the research and soul searching you need to be able to come to a conclusive right decision. When you decide to finally quit. Do whatever you are going to do after with all focus and undivided thoughts. Cut out all inner thoughts of a possibility of regret. Remember your mind creates your reality. If you think and believe that you will regret it, then it will happen. If you choose to leave your old job behind and believe that the new one will be great then it will be. Share with me your thoughts in the comments. I would like to know what it took you to quit your job.

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