Leo spirit animal. Which of these five spirit animals is yours?

Self-confidence, determination, courage, brave, loyal, full of life, intelligence, and natural leaders are the archetypical traits of Leo. Leo is very dominant with a charismatic character. Leo is extremely loving with intense passion yet so dangerous if triggered.

The sun rules Leo. This is very influential when choosing Leo’s spirit animal. Like the sun, Leo loves to look outstanding by looking good and shining so bright at whatever they do.

The animal in Leo’s symbol is a lion. An animal that is characterized by every trait of Leo. However, this doesn’t mean that the lion is Leo’s only spirit animal. Here is a list of five Leo spirit animals

 1. The Lion

The Lion Leo spirit animal

There is obviously no animal capable of taking first place on the list of Leo’s spirit animals. The lion is Leo’s symbol and the most inclined animal to the zodiac sign.

For the energy-giving power of the sun in the sky, the ruler of Leo, the zodiac sign is associated with royalty and kingship. Just like people look up to the sun for light, people in a kingdom look up to their king for solutions, development, and prosperity.

For their regality, courage, tenacity, determination, and majestic character with splendor, lions befit the perfect animal spirit for Leo.

Leos and Lions are super confident. They are self-assured and trusting. They dominate their environment and strive to maintain that place. For their strength and charisma, they easily attract the crowd which gets so comfortable under their leadership. When Leos and lions get into a new environment, they do not struggle taking up space or getting the spotlight to themselves, it comes naturally.

For their loyalty, both Leos and lions are easily trusted by the crowd. They ferociously protect those who are loyal to them and fight to the bone against those who become disloyal.

Leo majestically walks with the head high, straight posture, shoulders back and a face surging with the respect that comes from within. They command respect with inherent danger upon anyone disrespectful. If you plan to disrespect a Leo be ready to be confronted or get served.

Leos and lions are very altruistic. They are very sociable and interactive. They love to know how their environment or pride is fairing to give solutions or make it much better.

The other side of Leos and lions is one I can’t hide away from you. their strengths often give them too much confidence that makes them arrogant, stubborn, opposed to criticism, and sometimes lazy.

2. The German Shepard

The German Shepard Leo spirit animal

Anyone that has ever owned a German Shepard surely knows how faithful, loyal, devoted, and committed the dog can be. They show the innate and natural traits of Leo.

As much as Leo gets a lot of attention and many people who want to be around her, he/she prefers to keep a small circle of friends or relatives to be loyal, faithful, and devoted to.  

Leo in a romantic relationship shuts his/her eyes from other people to focus on his/her partner. A Leo in love is the ultimate description of loyalty. Leo for a friend or lover will do anything for you.

The German Shepard is a very loyal and devoted animal to its master. At no cost will it betray him.

3. The Peacock

The Peacock Leo spirit animal

How mighty is the peacock? So proud of its pride and uniqueness. Attention and being under the spotlight are things a peacock can’t leave without.

The Peacock will use every opportunity to put up a show and flaunt the beautifully colored feathers of its big tail. Just like the peacock, Leos love to look so good and unique to be the center of attention. If they don’t have the attention they will do everything to get it.

For their desire to be in the spotlight, Leos dig within themselves to exercise high creativity to do publicly commendable things. They build on art, fashion, leadership, talent, and technology to do things that the rest will applaud.

The Peacock has supreme creativity invested in its tail. A touch of art and dramatic movements that make everyone stop to see it.

The Leos and the peacock have a natural aura that attracts attention from people. They never invest so much to be in the spotlight. It comes easy.  Their radiancy and charisma effortlessly draw people to them.

The downside of this Leo trait is that it sometimes gets them arrogant and not easy to get along with. Peacocks often show this in the presence of other animals or birds.

Romanticism, drama, and warmth is also deep trait of Leos that Peacocks have. Peacocks are lovers to their fellows. They love to protect them.

4. Hummingbird Spirit Animal

The HummingBird Leo spirit animal

Leos wield hearts full of affection, love, loyalty, and charm. This definitely matches them with the beautiful long-beaked hummingbird.

Leo and this bird are also very protective and territorial. They love to mark territory and dominate it by ferociously protecting their food, friends, lovers, and family.

Leos are very empathic and attuned to their environment and loved ones. However, in presence of criticism, they get egoistical and become arrogant. Often times this bites them back by altering their relationships.

The hummingbird, on the other hand, is a humble bird that embraces life as it comes. With a will to be resilient in tough situations and value their loved ones, the bird inspires Leo to do so as well when criticized.

Leo attracts wealth easily but oftentimes loses the balance between wealth and their spiritual wellbeing. The hummingbird reminds Leo to keep track of both.

5. The Dragon

The Dragon Leo Spirit animal

In mythology, the dragon is the ultimate Leo spirit animal. In spiritual cultures in China, the dragon is worshipped.

Presence and space are what Leo is about. A Leo’s presence is most times felt before appearing in sight. That’s how impactful it can get. In the many myths surrounding dragons, regality, respect, courage, charisma, and ability to command respect describe the animal.

Both dragons and Leos are aware of their uniqueness and ability to attract attention or take up space. This gives them high self-assurance and self-confidence. They are not surprised when people show the will to follow them, they are aware of how profound their presence can impact on people.

Courage is the fuel of both Leo and the dragon. They are not afraid to go to war when the need arises. Majesty and self-mastery make them wield both abilities to be a source of safety and danger.


Other animal spirits that befit Leo include salmon and bear. A Leo that strikes a balance in life in regards to health, finances, mental wellbeing, and spirituality achieves fulfillment in life. I am a Leo that has often fallen victim to the arrogancy that comes along with the Leo essence. However, like the hummingbird, I have learned to treasure others even amidst criticism. I can confidently say am 10% arrogant. Among the animals above, the lion is what I identify with. How about you? Share with me in the comments.

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