Libra spirit animals. Which one of these is yours?

A spirit animal is an animal that reflects your inner traits and personality.

Just like the Aquarius, libra does not have an animal as its symbol. Even though it is symbolized by the scales, Libra has a connection to spirit animals.

So if your star sign is libra, October 31st to November 22nd, and you are curious to know what your spirit animal is, worry not.  There is a big number of animals that match your traits as a libra.

Libras are extroverted, cozy, friendly, clever, social, charming, peacemakers, and activists for justice.

Without further ado here are five animals that provide a great reflection of the libra archetype.

1. The Swan

Our number one is none other than the swan. An avian spirit animal characterized by beauty, sociability, loveliness, transformational and romantic. Swans also represent the ambiguous side of libra.

In many traditional cultures and tribes, swans are a symbol of love, romance, grace, harmony, and elegance. No wonder all these traits are Venusian, a ruler of libra.

The reason why swans are associated with Venus is that they represented romance, love, union, and partnership. When two swans closely face each other in opposite directions, their curved necks form a heart which is a symbol of love.

A heart is formed by the curved necks of two ducks.

Libras have love as their language which enables them to find balance in life by neutralizing negativity. The swans bring the same aura to their environment. In a water body filled with wildness and blood-thirsty animals, the swans make it a sight view that stimulates positive emotions.

Libras just like swans have a  unique and non-fungible beauty that is impossible to replicate. If you are a libra, in challenging or perhaps hard times, look at the swans to remember your pure, peaceful and graceful essence.

2. The Raven

A raven on green grass

Intelligent, out-going, charming, sociable, peace-loving, and beautiful is the raven. Portraying the quintessence of Libras, the Raven is a spirit animal for the star sign.

Librans will be quick to bridge two people at war for reconciliation just like the ravens whose clarity and intelligence diplomatically set a serene environment for interactions within their social structures.

Libras have a positive approach toward challenges with a pursuit for solutions as opposed to more challenges. Ravens have a spirited confrontation toward their challenges as well. They aim to transform uncomfortable situations into comfortable ones.

In many cultures, ravens are known as messengers for prophecies and insight. They are known to be the link between the material world and the spiritual world. Their ability to mimic the sounds of birds in captivity shows their desire for peace, harmony, and justice. Libras are peacemakers and just fellows who desire a win-win situation for their environment. They will not close their eyes in the sight of injustice.

If you are awake to the spiritual, realm, seek justice, and have a sense of curiosity then the raven is your spirit animal.

3. The Rabbit

A rabbit and a boy in love

The adorable look of rabbits is a quality of Libras. They are also sociable and comfortable living in pairs. The Rabbit’s quick wit, agility, and fastness are traits of Libras.

The affinity to justice makes Libras very affectionate just like rabbits to their fellows. The small animals do not shy away from being pampered and pampering others as well.  Hugs, kisses, and smiles make up the language of Libras. In rabbits, the willingness to share food without fighting shows their generosity and love language.

Libras look for peace and positive energy. The rabbit thrives in serene and calm places. An environment with chaos and noise becomes a source of discomfort and unsettledness. Libras and rabbits love places of harmony and balance.

Libras and rabbits are not aggressive creatures. They will never attack you or harm you unless they have no option. Even under attack, they prefer to use charm to neutralize any danger. A rabbit’s quick wit is its number one defensive mechanism. Libras will charm you with positivity, jokes, or a smile to calm you down.

Even though the rabbit has 360-degree eyesight that makes them alert to whatever happenings in its environment, it has small blind spots in front of its nose, under its chin, and behind it. This represents a poor depth of perception. For this trait about the spirit animal, you should be able to identify your weaknesses, aspects of your life that you do not know of, your past mistakes, and inner suppressed feelings so you can deal with them.

4. Panda

A Panda

Far East Asian cultures of China, Japan, Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, and the Indian subcontinent, hold pandas as a symbol of wealth, peace, gentleness, and prosperity.  The black and white skin represents the duality of the yin and yang, good and evil, strength and weakness, and all other dualities.

The beautiful calm and composed animal is an embodiment of composure, relaxation, and equanimity. Its calm and slow walk emits positivity and a positive expectation in the future that does not require any panicking. For Libras, slow is the fastest way to move. Just like the panda, they do not rush things. They confidently slow down attentive to the smallest of details.

 5. Grey Wolf

Grey wolf

Our fifth spirit animal is none other than the sociable, protective, and loyal grey wolf. It thrives in packs with other wolves with group loyalty and survival as the sole purpose.

The grey wolf will do anything to maintain a good relationship with its pack. It is hence not a surprise to relate it to the libra who cherishes interpersonal relationships and connectedness. Libras are very altruistic just like the grey wolf with its pack.

Social togetherness and family are what the grey wolf stands for. It is loyal and committed to its family and family interests. Libras are known for their loyalty and devotion to their partners, family, social groups, and country. They are ferociously determined to defend their loved ones even at the expense of their personal interests just like the grey wolf.


With a five-spirit animal list for libra, you have the top animals that match the libra spirit. Many other animals obviously have the traits of Libra like the sociable and love-filled seal, sheep, ostrich, dove, butterfly, dolphin, etc. Libra also has an adaptive ability that makes one able to adapt to any kind of situation. This makes libra flexible and able to survive in a lot of situations. Any animal with such a trait can be a libra spirit animal. Take for instance a chameleon that changes color to match its environment and semi-aquatic animals that can live on both earth and sea

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