Mental growth. 13 ways on How to develop mental strength.

Mental, according to the dictionary, is the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality while growth is the increase in size, number, value, or strength.

Therefore mental growth is the incremental improvement in mental function usually intelligence. As we grow our minds grow as well. According to research, man has got different stages of growth in life but as we mature our minds also grow progressively.

We all thus can grow our minds in all aspects since it grows with age. However, although our minds grow with age, there are some things we do or do not do that sabotage mind growth.

Mental strength comes from repeated attempts to master yourself

Some of the things we do that sabotage mental growth include;

The following are the measures to grow our minds.

How to develop mental strength.

Embrace adversity

In life, we are faced with different challenges all untold and unprepared for. We face untimely risks. However, how we perceive them is the key to either our mental growth or decline. In every adversity, there is an opportunity.

Your ability to let your mind notice these opportunities is where the secret of your mental growth lies. Once you task your brain to grow then you have to observe all likely opportunities in every problem.

2. Exercise your mind

Just as the body needs exercises so does the mind. Many of us put lots of effort to exercise the body but few of us pay attention to exercising our brains. The more dormant and reluctant the brain is the more it weakens and reduces its level of intelligence.

The more you exercise your brain the more active it becomes hence growth. The ability to raise your mental capacity lies in your ability to exercise your mind. Here are some of the examples of mental exercises; playing mental triggering games like chess, Chinese go board game, word matching games, mathematical games among other games, reading books, watching important content on television, or listening to important programs on radios that are educative.

Chess challenges you to think

3. Be mindful

Mindfulness is your ability to take in information or data and sieve it carefully picking out the crucial and useful piece of it. Your ability to do this is what gives you mental growth. Generally speaking, you need to be cautious of every single thing you take into your brain if you need it to grow. Being mindful also activates your mental agility.

4. Challenge yourself

We all set goals to achieve after a while. The question is what kind of goals have you set? Albert Einstein once said “one shouldn’t pursue goals that are easy to achieve. One should develop an instinct for what one can achieve through one’s greatest efforts.”

This simply means that one should set goals that are difficult to achieve or call for a heavy toil and thinking. Such objectives keep your mind running and thinking of what is next all the time. Mental growth calls for exactly that, a sharp, always operating, and functional brain.

5. Keep positive

Keeping positive is an attribute to mental growth. For every successfully bright and highly intelligent person, the first quality is to acknowledge every situation available taking in all necessary information available but sieve out the useless one.

The former US president Barrack Obama had a motto of “YES WE CAN” this is a motto we all ought to have. For your brain to grow learn to teach it that no matter the difficulty of the task you can still actively accomplish it.

6. Seek more knowledge

This is the most important part of mental growth. For you to develop your brain to a specific level you must seek knowledge. The cow can only grow to the level you feed it. Well, this applies to the brain as well. Your brain can only grow to the level of knowledge you feed it.

You feed it with garbage its output will be garbage. You feed it with important ideas its output will be important ideas. Just like the computer the mind never outputs what you don’t feed it.

Therefore you ought to seek knowledge through reading books, watching important programs among other useful tasks. Only by doing this can your mind broaden and grow. By seeking knowledge you rise to the best version of yourself.

7. Have a good diet

Diet is one of the leading instillers of a stable and active mind. A well-fed body gives energy to the brain to function. To have a functional brain, you have to eat right. Research shows that a diet contributes 25 percent to the growth of the brain.

Therefore you have to reduce the junk food you eat and rather opt to eat healthy food rich in nutrients that develop and nourish your brain health.

Eat foods that nourish the brain

8. Think critically

Critical thinking is necessary if you need to develop your brain. You need to start looking at things differently. Elders always told us “don’t look at things as they are if you’re to have a high IQ.”

In every situation, you must look at the opportunity that lies in it and how to develop that opportunity for the greater good.

9. Do physical exercises

Physical exercise helps the body in magnificent ways as well as the brain. As we all know, the functions of the brain have mainly influenced by blood flow from the heart. The importance of exercise is therefore to ease blood flow to the brain. This boosts the ability to facilitate blood circulation at a faster rate hence resulting in a faster functioning of the mind. Blood carries oxygen and other nourishments to the brain.

10. Have enough sleep

Sleep is something we sometimes do not take seriously. However, it has been proven medically that sleep gives greater aid to the functioning of the brain. In most cases, we tend to ignore it honoring Napoleon’s theory of “ a man should sleep for 2 hours, a woman 4 hours and a fool 8 hours”.

But we tend to forget that this is the very reason why Napoleon got so worn out at a young age. Medically, doctors advise you to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours to have a healthy body and functional brain. Sleep helps the brain to relax and wash off all the stress and negativities that came in during the day.

If you have problems getting asleep, check out the 19 ways to fall asleep very fast.

Sleep refreshes your brain

11. Spend time with people

In our previous points, we stated the need to seek knowledge. Well, one of the principles of seeking knowledge is to spend time with knowledgeable people. A wise man said, “tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. Another said that “no man is an island” this means that we all depend on others to develop our brains.

You need to surround yourself with people who can challenge your mind. People you can listen to as well as ask questions to grow your mind. If your circle of friends is not one that can build your mental strength, learn how to make friends of value to yourself.

12. Avoid mental hazards or distractors

According to research, about 25 percent of the people worldwide are addicted to using drugs and alcohol, and more than 30 percent are addicted to pornography. This is an indicator that many fellows have sold their brains to mind distractors.

These things are addictive, time-wasters, and brain-damaging. One of the effects of the use of drugs and alcohol as well as pornography is that they reduce your ability to think forward and plan for yourself.

The Christian bible says that ”the fool gets drank on alcohol”. Meaning that excessive alcohol is the number one contributor to foolishness and low brain functioning. If you need to develop your brain, you will have to avoid consumption of any of these things.

13. Laugh more

Dopamine is mainly increased by humor. Therefore your happiness is central to the growth of your brain. Happiness helps you to keep positive, think critically, and erode away all useless negative thoughts. Thus being happy is a great contributor to a healthy mental state.

We can’t conclude our beautiful discussion without mentioning the advantages of mental growth and the downsides of not growing our minds.

Benefits of mental growth

  • Improved moods since your mind is in a calm state of deep knowledge
  • Mental clarity due to the broad knowledge you attain from different sources you use to grow your mind.
  • Increased self esteem and self confidence that come with clear understanding
  • Mental growth makes you feel accomplished and energized
  • It makes you better at your job and everything you do
  • It helps keep your mind sharp
  • Creates connections with other people. This comes with increased sharing between you and people that increase your knowledge.
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Greater sense of calm and inner peace

Downsides of not growing mentally

  • Depression since every tragedy that comes your way is a huge blow to you.
  • Low self esteem due to low in intelligence
  • Low knowledge of important affairs
  • Stress caused by lack of knowledge on how to handle tough times and low self reliance
  • Poor performance at your job and in things you do
  • Low connection with people
  • It makes your mind clumsy

In a nutshell, we all can develop our minds and enjoy its countless fruits just as mentioned above. Mental strength will help you achieve all that you desire. It will ease situations in your life that would have required you to learn the hard way. If the mind is right, everything is alright

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