Pisces spirit animal. Which of these animals is your spirit animal?

what is the Pisces spirit animal? it is an animal that embodies the traits of Pisces zodiac sign.

Perhaps the most fascinating of the zodiac signs because of its connection to animals and spirit realms, Pisces, February 20Th to march 20Th, is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. In Roman mythology, Neptune is the God of the seas. The essential element of Pisces is water.  No wonder most spirit animals for Pisces are aquatic.

The argument of who rules Pisces has never been settled. So, you can draw a personal conclusion whether it is Neptune or Jupiter. The latter being the planet of expansion, adventure, growth, and philosophy, also represents Pisces’s values of persistence, transformation, consciousness, and inspiration.

Other traits of Pisces include being self-aware, emotionally sensitive, gracious, and compassionate.  

Despite being fascinatingly altruistic, Pisces embodies some traits like laziness, being weak-willed, and negligence. Traits that describe some of its spirit animals.

Without further ado, have a look at some of these animals.

1. The Deer

Deer spirit animal

The deer is a great match for the Pisces spirit animal and have the following traits in common,

Sensitively shy.   The deer, just like the Pisces is very sensitive and shy. The deer is withdrawn minding its business showing no threat to harm or disturb anyone. Pisces avoids situations that disturb their peace.

Their energy doesn’t match anyone with uncontrolled energy that can cause physical or psychological harm. If you want to have a two-way interaction with Pisceans, you have to be calm and gentle with them. Any sort of disorder or chaos makes Pisces very disturbed just like the deer in a place without tranquility.

Compassionate. The deer’s sensitivity mostly comes from their ability to tell what others are feeling or want without being told. You can call it empathy or altruism which makes them so compassionate. The deer is so attuned to its environment and part of its routine is making it a better place for its offspring.

It is filled with warmth and purity that gives them close to accurate instincts portrayed by its nurturance. Pisces has strong instincts and a strong sense of healing. In other words, if you have a Pisces by you, your emotional healing is accelerated.

A graceful approach to challenges.

Both the deer and Pisces are very avoidant when it comes to facing challenges. However, this doesn’t mean they struggle in adverse or challenging situations. The deer rarely panics even under attack. It is calm and composed to deal with every situation as it comes. Pisces will be withdrawn to avoid chaos or problems.

However, in a situation where it is inevitable to avoid challenges, Pisces quickly adapts and faces them with the utmost composure and grace. Pisces makes a big challenge appear small by the way they graciously navigate it.

For their strong instincts and observation skills, they can come up with the most appropriate solutions to challenges.


Because the deer and Pisces like to withdraw themselves from chaos and live in a serene environment, they build a strong family and group bonds to rely on and also keep safe. The deer hangs out with its family that it is comfortable with.

Pisces likes to build a small circle of people usually family and a few friends that it can socialize with. Pisces and the deer are so good at nurturing relationships held by strong bonds.

Mysterious beings.

The deer has an innocent and pure look displaying a subtle ability to be dangerous. This makes it mysterious. Pisces, just like the deer, is calm, withdrawn, and composed. Usually too good to be true.

The demeanor, attitude, and tactful approach make the people around them want to dig deep to know them. Unfortunately, the more you try to know a Pisces, the harder it becomes yet the more you like them. Very mysterious.

2. The Seahorse

The sea animal is a perfect match for Pisces with the traits below.

Protectiveness. The seahorse is a spirit totem that is termed as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realm. It is also known for showing up in people’s lives in times of confusion and hopelessness.

This savior character of the seahorse has inherent nurturance that makes it give extreme care and attention to their loved ones. Just like the deer, Pisces loves to protect and care for the few people he/she lets into his/her world.

Self-paced. The seahorse and Pisces have extreme patience and composure. They love to do things at their own pace. To them slow is the fastest way to do things. They rather do a good job for a long time than do a bad job in a short time.

In situations of pressure and chaos, the seahorse and Pisces pull back and let things get in order first. Pisces, I would say is very much like the sea horse. The calmness and patience of Pisces result in perfection, mental and emotional clarity, little to no regrets, and better decisions.

 Persistence. The seahorse and Pisces have a high attunement to details in what they do. They have an instinctual inclination to unseen possibilities. When everyone believes that there is no way, Pisces will hang on until the last minute.

In everything Pisces does it persists until it gets results. The seahorse persists with its family to care for and protect them.

Vulnerable. The seahorse and the Pisces are like a flower in thorns. They are too pure yet live in worlds full of disorder and chaos. Their high sensitivity and emotional nature make them vulnerable to the world. For this reason, they are always looking a safe haven. That is why Pisces withdraws from society a lot to a quiet and tranquil place.

3. The Chameleon

Chameleon Spirit animal

If you have any traits of Pisces on your fingertips, am sure you can easily identify a good number of them the zodiac sign shares with chameleons. Nevertheless, let’s explore them,

Ability to transform. The Chameleon and Pisces are very attuned to their environment. Their response to the environment is built on their cultivated strong instincts. The two are very much aware of their weaknesses and strengths and are quick to summon the most convenient abilities to enable them to adapt to any situation.

The chameleon changes to the color of its surroundings for protection. Even though Pisces is reserved and calm, they are capable of becoming anything to deal with any threat. Pisces also transmutes its frustration to better energy to deal with the issue at hand.

Cagey appearances. Pisces takes effort to understand. They are a kind of puzzle with a piece from all the signs of the zodiac. Just like the chameleon, Pisces can hide their intentions and abilities tactfully. You can not figure them out fully.

They only let you see what they want you to see. This is a sort of survival mechanism they adopted to deal with the external chaos. This also enables them to shield themselves from any manipulations that would take away their autonomy. However, sometimes they are prone to disappointments from people who fail to connect with them for inability to know them.

Positive towards change. The chameleon and Pisces are very self-aware. If the two could hold a conversation, we would be right to assume that they introduced the saying that ‘’If there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do you no harm’’.

The two mastered themselves from within. The world inside them is often in order in that they remain unaffected or even get better despite any changes in the world outside them. This ability to go within themselves makes them able to adapt to any changes in the world.

4. The Fish.

Fish Pisces spirit animal

You would expect fish, being the symbol of Pisces, to be the number one spirit animal for the zodiac sign. The two fish facing opposite directions in the zodiac sign represent the duality of Pisces one leg in the physical world or reality and another in the spiritual realm sometimes called fantasy for this case.  It could be any other animal in the sign. However, there are still good reasons to have the spirit animal for Pisces.

Deeper value. Fish is beautiful. Beyond its magnificent smooth appearance are a good number of values like empathy, warmth, compassion, and gracefulness.

However, in the depth of the sea, these values can rarely be reached. Just like fish, Pisces has similar values, but because of their elusiveness, there is a kind of wall that never lets anyone reach the depth beyond their skin.

A hard catch. You will have to be very smart to trap fish. It’s not easy to catch. If you try to use your hands, you may spend a whole day trying. You have to catch it with minimum energy and maximum intelligence. Just like fish, Pisces is not easy a catch.

To get into the circles of Pisces as a friend, you will have to go through a lot of inspection and testing. They will do it with you unaware without showing you any restraint or acceptance.

Nonresistant. Pisces does not struggle with this dynamic life. They face the situation as it comes. Pisces goes with the flow. Their inherent order gives them the flexibility to easily adapt to a new life. Fish goes wherever the waves take it. As long as it’s in the company of other fish then everything is well regardless of where they swim to.

Rollover character.  Going south, The flexibility and easygoingness of fish and Pisces most times make them vulnerable to being taken advantage of. They sometimes end up in uncomfortable situations because of a lack of resistance.

Pisces is sometimes known to be a people pleaser and self-neglectful. For this, the two need to be confrontational at times to protect their interests and not be pushed around.

5. The Whale.

Whale Pisces spirit animal

The warm-blooded mammals that leave in water are part of the list of our five spirit animals for Pisces and hold the following traits in common,

Seclusive. Just like Pisces, whales are very comfortable with solitude. Their focus is turned inwards most of the time to the deepest within to discover places unknown in their essence. They also love to wander and find physical safe havens to occupy.

Nurturing. Whales just like Pisces, are attuned to their social circles and in this case, family in specific. Whales nurture and protect their young ones with an incomprehensible love. They do it with deep empathy, love, and compassion just like Pisces.

Humble. Whales are very huge in size with other abilities. One would expect them to be the bullies and dominant beings in the aqua world. Whales are shy and very cautious. They like to be hidden and mysterious.

They can disorganize the entire ocean if they choose to and have many other untouched powers. This is typical of Pisces having a lot of powers but choosing to be humble. Pisces is shy and elusive with no desire to show it even when it’s obvious.


If Pisces is your zodiac sign, it’s important to check yourself to identify any underlying traits of laziness, self-negligence, extreme self-indulgence, and conformism. Most of the Pisces spirit animals are fond of these traits. The whale sometimes gets too self-indulged that it loses sight of its environment neglecting its young ones. Be inspired to stand for yourself, confront any malice and say no when you need to.

The list of Pisces spirit animals is long, however, we picked out the top five. Others on the list are Giraffe, wolves, dogs, and spiders. What spirit animal best suits you? Share with me in the comments below.

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