Sagittarius spirit animal. Which of these spirit animals suits you?

Sagittarian, November 23 to December 21, like Pisces is ruled by Jupiter with fire as its element. It’s masculine with positive qualities having expansion as its planetary principle.

Sagittarians are very creative, outspoken, extroverted, optimistic, loyal, smart, kind, compassionate, and often talented people. They are also talkative, curious, and sociable.

Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac has a centaur with a bow and an arrow as its symbol. A centaur is a creature in Greek mythology that is half man and half horse. It’s known for its conquering abilities which reflect the Sagittarius planetary principle of expansion.

Sagittarians love to transmute energy and let it flow as well. They do this through their hunger for knowledge plus emotional and physical strength.

The Sagittarius spirit animal portrays the traits of Sagittarians.

There are a good number of spirit animals that do have these traits and they include:

1. The Wild Horse

The wild horse spirit animal

Although the mythical centaur has an element of half horse, the full wild horse is still a great spirit animal match for Sagittarians.

Love to be free. The wild horse wanders into the wilderness freely as it wishes. Its love for freedom makes it very resistant to being tamed or subdued. Just like the wild horse, Sagittarians and freedom are like a mother and her child. The two are always looking for each other. Sagittarians navigate the universe every day to find where they can freely express themselves.

High self-drive. Due to their love for freedom, Sagittarians and the wild horse both know that freedom always comes at a cost. For this, they are always working toward achieving and maintaining autonomy and self-management needless of any push.

Physically resilient. Wild horses are endowed with extreme strength. The bodies of wild horses are built with strong muscles and legs with hard hooves that enable them to wander through the wilderness. Sagittarians value physical strength a great deal. They love to eat energy-giving foods and work out to meet any physical challenges.

2. The Otter

The otter spirit animal

The semiaquatic carnivorous quirky and playful mammal is our next spirit animal of Sagittarius.

It is a cunning and wise animal. No wonder some traditions like the Celtic lore held it as a totem of protection and wisdom.

The small-eared animal shares a couple of traits with Sagittarians.

Playfulness. Sagittarians are joyful beings. They never miss a moment to lighten up their hearts or others. They are very humorous and playful. The otter is a playful animal. Just like Sagittarians, it is always full of joy. Its quirkiness is also another way it socializes with its environment.

Nonconformist. Otters have a unique approach to life. They like to do things their own way different from that of the other animals. Their unique approach comes from an ability to think independently. Sagittarians are indifferent to the conventional and unconventional. They will do what benefits them without fear of the consequences of nonconformity.

Good-spirited optimism. The otter and Sagittarians are very extrovertedly optimistic. Even though their nonconformism makes them appear as a potential source of conflict, deep down they are nonviolent peacemakers and altruistic beings that love to see others as happy as them.

3. The Owl

The owl spirit animal

There are a plethora of mythology and folklore references surrounding owls and portraying them as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The acute vision bird is thorough, keen on details, sequential, analytical, orderly, and very methodical.

Here are some of the traits that owls share with Sagittarians.

Elusive. For their uniqueness and wit, owls are surrounded by a mystery that makes them so difficult to understand. They will surprise their environment doing the unexpected. For their indifference to what is conventional and unconventional, Sagittarians are enigmatic and very difficult to understand. You can hardly predict their next move.

Ambitious. As much as the owls and Sagittarians are calm, composed, and patient, they have a fire inside them wanting to be let loose. Sometimes they can act impulsively if overwhelmed by it. They are action-oriented and always on standby to get busy once the starting whistle blows.

Intelligent visionaries. In the avian kingdom, owls are some of the birds with a very acute vision. They have an unusual view of their environment. This makes them perceive and observe the smallest of details around them to make accurate and precise responses to their environment.

They are also spiritually tuned with a strong intuition. Just like the owl, Sagittarians can see beyond what other people can. They can see through people and sense all kinds of motives unseen. They usually operate beyond the collective psychology of the crowd and are never victims of the herd mentality.

Egocentric. While owls and Sagittarians are known to be altruistic with a positive attitude toward their environment. From their strengths like strong intuition, intelligence, and independent thinking, they sometimes fall victim to their own ego. This makes them come off as selfish, deceptive, and sometimes unreliable.

4. The Capybara

The Capybara spirit animal

The fourth spirit animal on our list is the Capybara. The shy, social and intelligent rodent thrives in social circles of 10 to 20 Capybaras. Found in South America, Capybaras have some special traits shared with Sagittarians.

Here are some of them:

Social and cheerful. Capybaras are so loved for their friendliness and the positive energy they emit that stimulate joy in people and other animals around them. They are calm and relaxed which makes other animals feel safe around them.

Similarly, Sagittarians are friendly and social people whose personality attracts people to them. They are cheerful and calm creating a light and joyful mood around them.

Pliant.  Capybaras are versatile animals that can easily adapt to any changes in their environment. They live on land but are also very comfortable in the water. Sagittarians are highly pliant as well. Their versatility makes them easily adapt to any conditions. Their social skills make them able to associate with a variety of characters.

Sociable. The high empathy and strong intuition enable capybaras and Sagittarians to cultivate strong social bonds with their fellows. Both are very sociable and thrive in social structures. The Capybaras live in small groups of 10 to 20 but sometimes increase to as high as 100. Sagittarians love social settings as well and are so good with people.

Very sexual. Sagittarius and capybaras are highly sexed. They have a very active sex life. A Sagittarian rarely gives up an opportunity to have an orgasm. Capybaras prioritize mating so much as well. However, the active sex life in both Sagittarians and capybaras most times becomes very aggressive and promiscuous. This puts Sagittarians at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

5. The Centaur

The centaur spirit animal

May not be in the physical realm, the centaur is believed to be an existing animal in the spiritual realm. Its existence is often cited in many mythologies, movies, and folklore. We can not leave the centaur out. It is the symbol of Sagittarius.

Sometimes called the archer, it is a half horse half man creature wielding a bow and an arrow pointing at the stars. This represents Sagittarius’ aspirations, vision, intellect, and spirituality.

This half-man, half-horse spirit symbol shows the Sagittarian willingness to go and explore the unknown places in life to quench their spirit thirsty for adventure. The naked half-man also symbolizes the Sagittarian highly sexed and passionate nature full of emotions.

Conclusion. Five spirit animals for you. Of course, many more can fit the Sagittarian spirit animal. It all depends on where your inclination leads you. The rabbit is as social and intelligent as the Sagittarians. The horse, tiger, and beluga whale have that extreme strength Sagittarian holds in high regard. Other animals like the tardigrade, cat, and crane match the Sagittarius spirit animal traits as well.

All that being said, Dear Sagittarian, its good to be highly sexed. Sex is a great thing but we live in a world where it can bite you if abused, misused, or uncontrolled. Have your sexual energy in control to avoid becoming sexually aggressive or having unsafe sex. You can also choose to transmute your sexual energy to elevate your creative energy.

Which spirit animal fits you? Share with me in the comments below.

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