Scorpio spirit animals. Which of these is your spirit animal?

Scorpio, October 23rd to November 23rd, is ruled by Pluto a planet for destruction and transformation. For the characters and traits, we are yet to explore, Scorpio man is destructive and transformational.  Scorpio’s element is water for its high intuitiveness, psychic powers, and clairvoyance.

Scorpio man’s personality traits include being very discreet, mysterious, fearless, passionate, bold, creative, loyal, and cunning. On the negative side, Scorpio man can also be insensitive, vindictive, untrusting, a spendthrift, resentful, and sometimes a sociopath.

Scorpio spirit animals are those animals that have the personality traits of Scorpio man. Here are some of those animals:

1. The Snake

Snake Scorpio spirit animal

Our number one spirit animal for Scorpio is the snake. In many societies, it is seen as a symbol of renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth, transformation, reinvention and regeneration. These are things that make up the essence of Scorpio man.

Here are the traits of the snake that make it a perfect match for the Scorpio spirit animal.

Intricate.  Snakes love to withdraw to isolated places like dense terrains where there is the least possibility of being disturbed. A snake will be in hiding until it calculatedly finds the right time to come out and strike.

Scorpio man prefers to be in a place where he can have his peace of mind to think, strategize and patiently wait for the right moment to show his abilities. Scorpio loves working from home.

Fiercely defensive. Unlike cancer, Scorpio defends himself if he is attacked from his safe zones. Just like Scorpio, the snake will live in a place away from the chaos but in case of a potential threat, it is capable of imposing extreme harm to defend itself.

Regenerative abilities. The snake sheds off its old skin for a new one. Similarly, Scorpio man always renews his personality from an old one that doesn’t seem to serve him anymore. The transformation from its old personality may not be physically seen as that of the snake shedding its skin, but after a certain period of time, one can tell changes in Scorpio’s personality.

 Misconstrued. The snake and Scorpio are often misunderstood and regarded as evil. Yes, they are venomous and capable of imposing extreme harm. However, if you accept their dark side, you can access their good side that many people hardly know of.

Scorpio finds it so hard to be social with others or trust them but once they do, it’s full trust and they will treasure you for being trustworthy.

2. The Scorpion

Scorpion Scorpio spirit animal

Our number two-spirit animal is the scorpion, the symbol of Scorpio. It became so because of the Greek legend of the scorpion that stung Orion to death. It is also related to the Greek myth of the scorpions that forced horses of the sun to run when they were being ridden by the inexperienced Phaeton the youth.

Take a read at the traits that Scorpio and the scorpion have in common;

Survival-mindset. The scorpion is always on the lookout for potential threats. It lives in survival mode and constantly navigates its environment for threats not to be caught off-guard. Scorpio man is not any different from the scorpion. He has trust issues that make him see everyone around him as a source of harm. He is therefore always on guard to fight off any threat that comes at him.

Adaptable. Scorpions have very high and strong adaptability. They can survive in the hardest and most dangerous conditions that man can not survive in. For this, they are one of the oldest animals that have stood the test of time and walked the earth without extinction.

Scorpions can survive even in toxic and life-threatening nuclear radioactivity. Scorpio man, just like the scorpion, can survive in many situations. They can adapt to changes in their environment to remain standing.

 Unknown potentials. Scorpions may be known as dangerous crawling beasts but behind them lies unknown powers and potentials that can be a source of amazement. They glow at night in the dark. Something not known to many living things. Scorpio, beyond his vindictive and untrusting traits, is full of high creativity that can be a source of a lot of inventions.

3. The Eagle

Eagle Scorpio Spirit animal

Third on our list is the mighty, visionary, domineering, and powerful eagle. The bird is perceived as a symbol of rebirths and new beginnings in some cultures. Here are some of the traits the eagle has in common with Scorpio.

Advanced acumen. The scorpion has a quick cleverness that makes it think of the most appropriate response in times of urgency and pressure. It can strike perfectly in a blink of an eye with utmost strength. The eagle is also able to compose itself to do the right thing in situations of high emotions.

Scorpion man can detach himself from high emotions or excitement to act and think with logic. He comes up with great ideas and solutions by accessing deeper wisdom from his intuition.

Fearlessness. The eagle has a strong sight that penetrates far places to locate a target. It sets off to get its target with no fear. An evolved Scorpio has the fearlessness of an eagle. He has passed through thick and thin which shaped him to brave all kinds of challenges and face them with no fear.

Loyal and nurturing. Scorpio keeps a small circle of friends and family. Scorpio man treasures trust and does not easily give it away. But once he trusts you, he will commit maximum loyalty to you and nurture the relationship with you to last. The eagles as well keep a small circle of family.  Both Scorpio and the eagle are very protective of those in their circles.

4. The Phoenix

Phoenix Scorpio spirit animal

The phoenix bird is an immortal spirit animal for Scorpio. Though not manifested in the physical realm, it has the typical traits of Scorpio. In Greek and Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is associated with the sun god and is a symbol of resurrection, afterlife, and immortality. It rises from the ashes of its once dead self to begin a new life.

Unlike the eagle which sometimes comes off arrogant, manipulative, and a dictator, the phoenix oozes humility, empathy, and respect for power.

The phoenix is also a representation of Scorpio’s high spiritual essence and psychic abilities.

Here are the commonalties between the phoenix and Scorpio:

Full transformation. The phoenix experiences full transformation. Burnt to death, it rises from ash into a new being to live. It is associated with both day and night showing its transformative nature in all situations. Even though Scorpio is associated with the night, an evolved Scorpio man shows true transformation to daylight.

Evolved Scorpio man is shaped by pain, challenges, emotional turmoil, and breakdown to a strong and resilient man that has control over his destructive and vindictive tendencies. He rises up like the phoenix from ashes to express the utter essence of Mars his ruler.

Supernatural wisdom. For its humility and altruistic nature, the phoenix is a symbol of deeper wisdom that comes from an unbiased and profound place. Evolved Scorpio man with the ability to control his anger, vindictiveness, and temper can access wisdom from his inner deep intuition that makes him supernatural.  

Healing and renewing powers. Scorpio strives to reach the level of phoenix purity to become evolved. When the evolved Scorpio man heals his inner self, he can change the world within him to higher frequencies of joy, healing, compassion, altruism, and creativity. He is then able to influence his environment to experience the tranquility and creativity inside him.


Four main spirit animals for Scorpio. The list isn’t exhaustive however, the bonobo, bat, Raven, alligator, badger, fox, and opossum are also a great match for the Scorpio spirit animal list. Which of the above animals do you resonate with? Share with me in the comments, please.

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