Taurus spirit animal. Which of these five is your spirit animal?

What is the Taurus spirit animal? It is an animal that portrays the personality traits of the Taurus personality.

The bull is the symbol of Taurus. For Taurus who is hardworking, strong, powerful, virile, passionate, dependable, and elegant, the bull is the most befitting spirit animal. It embodies almost all traits of Taurus.

In many cultures, the bull is an icon representing wealth, order, and stability. Taurus is known for his/her aspirations for order, wealth, and stability in all aspects of life.

Taurus, April 20th to May 20th, is sometimes extravagant with a high desire for great things. This however makes him needy and ungrateful.

Without further ado, here is the list of Taurus Spirit animals:

1. The bull:

The bull Taurus spirit animal

Stubbornness. The bull is a bloody-minded animal. It wants what it wants. Only physical confrontation from another bull can stop its pursuit of dominance. It will take you a lot of effort to make Taurean change his mind. They stick to their opinions until proved otherwise. They actually know it and often admit finding a hard time changing their minds.

Physical strength and power. Taurus people understand the value of physical strength and power. They are usually well built and strong. Those small in size, usually strive for power or at least get as physically strong as they can get. The bull oozes physical strength. It fights for power in the herd. Just like Taureans, the bull understands the mightiness of strength and power.

Extreme tenacity. Taurus and the bull have a strong and very passionate commitment to what they choose to do. They focus on a task with maximum tenaciousness to get the best out of their efforts. A common trait they have with Pisces is they both believe that slow is the fastest way to go. They may be too slow to think or get to work, but once they do, expect the best. Taurus is known to be wealthy and it’s no wonder that the bull is a sign of wealth.

Composed and stable. Panic is a state uncommon to the bull. It remains calm, focused, and composed even in presence of a threat. Just like the bull, Taureans are very good at controlling their emotions. They hardly lose it. Taureans remain calm and composed in moments of fear, nervousness, panic, or pressure. This enables them to make good decisions that yield great results.

Big tempered. Even though the bull and Taurus are not quick to get angry, they do have a huge potentially dangerous temper when they do. When they lose it, be sure some damage has to be done. Their temper knows no bounds and is uncontrollable.

Very cautious. The bull and Taurus are very hesitant when opening up to new people or suggestions in their lives. They will have to thoroughly scrutinize you or at least get assurance from someone about you.

2. The Bear

The bear Taurus spirit animal

Another calm and composed yet potent danger animal is the bear. Traits typical of Taureans. The bear is a unique match for Taurus and here are the reasons why,

Fiercely protective. The bear is a very protective animal. It will appear calm and harmless until you try to touch its offspring. It will use extreme strength to hurt any source of threats to its life and family. Taurus is just like the bear. A Taurean will do anything to protect loved ones like friends and family.

Stability. Taurus loves to be stable in all aspects of life like health, finances, and security. For this Taureans go out of their way to get what they want and actually get it. The bear is so attuned to its environment, it strives for order to make it as comfortable as possible.

 Humble yet powerful. Taurus and the bear have a lot of strengths and potential yet they cloud it with a calm, humble, and not flashy demeanor.

Home lovers. Bears love their habitats. They take care of their homes and make them very habitable and conducive to live in. Taurus loves a comfortable life too. Taureans build homes and make them as comfortable as possible. The bear and Taurus do this because home is a source of refreshment, rejuvenation, and restoration.

Independence. Taurus and the bear strive to become as self-reliant as possible. They love to depend on no one but themselves. They do not shy away from exploring new strengths to face their challenges.

Nurturing. Bears love to show love to each other most especially their offspring. They do this through cuddling. An act they enjoy so much. Guess who else is addicted to cuddling. Taurus.

Binge on food. Even though bears take a long while without eating during hibernation, they usually compensate for that with overeating in the summer. They will eat as much food as their stomachs can hold. Taurus is not any different.

Even though Taureans never hibernate, they still eat a lot of food and rarely miss an opportunity to put something to eat in their mouth. It’s not a good idea to keep your ice cream with a Taurean.

3. The Beaver

The beaver Taurus spirit animal

The hairy brown semiaquatic animal is one great match for the Taurus spirit animal. Not so known to many people, the animal possesses a good number of traits seen in the bull and the bear. In addition to that, it has other traits unseen in other Taurus spirit animals.

Here are some of those traits.

Flexibly patient. The beaver is a hard-working animal with extreme patience to effect its cunning estimation, ingenuity, and persistent navigation of its challenges. It is very strategic with high adaptivity to any situation. Taurus, just like the beaver, has innate abilities that make him so flexible to adapt to any changing situations in life.

Purposed resourcefulness. Beavers study their environment so well. They maintain alertness and a spirit of exploration that makes them so knowledge-rich that often helps them solve any issues. Taurus loves to build things.

When Taureans put their mind on a project, they will exploit everything they can learn about it and invest all they can to make it successful. The patience and commitment invested, give them a vast experience and knowledge that gets them past any obstacles.

Reliable. The beaver is so nurturing and committed to its family. It is always devoted to its duties of raising and protecting its family. The same applies to Taurus. Taureans never break their promises. They are loving, kind, social and generous to their friends and family. Taureans make sure that they leave nothing half done.

 Fastidiousness. Taurus and the beaver would rather have nothing than have poor quality. They invest extreme patience and time to get the best out of their duties.

Sportive. The beaver and Taurus very much understand the saying that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. When it’s time to work, they invest all their focus and time into the task. However, they also never miss a moment to play. They create light-hearted moments to calm the rising waters within.

4. The Elephant.

The elephant Taurus Spirit animal

One animal we can not live out on the list is the elephant. For the many traits, it has with Taurus, the bull, and the bear, indeed the elephant is a match.

The elephant just like the bull and the bear is humble yet so potent of strength. It is very nurturing and protective of its family. All these are major traits of Taurus.

5. The flamingo.

The flamingo Taurus spirit animal

For its beauty, the flamingo is a favorite for Taurus females. It has a plumage that is so eye-catching. Taurus is very good-looking and takes pride in that. This makes flamingo our number five on the list of our top spirit animals for Taurus.


There you have it, five spirit animals for Taurus. In case you can’t find a match for yourself, worry not. The chinchilla, turtle, pig, buffalo, pig, ant, and goose fit the space as well. They have various traits that match Taurus. If Taurus is your zodiac sign, be inspired to be open-minded and approach life without prejudices and presumptions. The Taurus stubbornness sometimes gets Taureans into regrets of untaken advice. Which spirit animal above resonates with you? Share with me in the comments.

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