How to reinvent yourself. The 5 sure steps to change your life for the better.

To reinvent yourself means to switch from the person you unconsciously became to the one you consciously want to become. No one ever plans to intentionally put themselves in a bad situation.

Sometimes it is the mistakes we make that get us to live a life we hate. Other times it is society and the environment around us that imposes a certain life on us that we are not proud of.

Most people have two lives, the life shaped by circumstances or society and then the life they actually want to live. To achieve fulfillment in life, we have to live the life we want to live.

Many people are stuck wondering if they will ever break away from misery, depression, sadness, loneliness, poverty, etc. In their minds, they have a clear picture of the life they want to live.

You have to reinvent yourself to become the person you want to be.

However, few people go on to live that admired life. The rest accept their situation and give up on life. Some even opt for suicide to escape living that life and having to face the daunting effort to change it.

I want you to understand that it is possible to become someone else living a life different from the one you are living now. You can reinvent yourself into the dream person you want to become.

By the end of this post, you will know the what, why, and how of self reinvention.

The foundation of self reinvention.

To begin with, self reinvention is both a hard and simple thing to do. If you have no profound and intentional desire to change your life, you will find it hard to reinvent yourself.

The foundation of self-reinvention is the alignment of the heart and mind. In simple terms, it is the agreement between the heart and mind to do something. The mind where conscious and logical thinking happens has to be on the same wavelength as the heart where emotions come from.

The emotions of the heart have to be aligned with the logical reason of the mind to reinvent yourself.

If in your mind you want to become fit and in shape but with no deep and passionate burning desire in your heart, you will not achieve your goal.

Be excited, hungry, passionate, and grateful with a burning desire to make changes in your life.

The three pillars of Self Reinvention.

Complete and full self-reinvention has three pillars. The mind, body, and spirit.

You can make a partial reinvention by making fundamental changes in one pillar. For example, you can start dieting and exercising to get your body in shape and fit then in turn you impact your mind or spirit as well.

You can also make a full self reinvention by making fundamental and impactful changes in your mind, body, and heart.

If you can focus and commit to a full reinvention, in a short while you will be a different person. A person you will be so proud of, happy with and one many people never expected you to be.

The body,

Self reinvent your body to the shape you want.

Part of self-reinvention is evaluating if your body is in the best state you want it to be. Is it healthy, in shape, fit, looking and feeling good?

Your body is the best car that your soul and spirit will ever sit in. It will carry you to all places your mind will ever want. Of what benefit is it to have a lot of money or luxuries with a body that can not enable you to enjoy them? If it is not well taken care of, its bad state can affect other aspects of your life.

The mind.

Make changes in your mind to reinvent yourself.

If your body is your hardware, your mind is your software. However good a computer may look; its value will be low if it is run by weak software. If your mind is not in the right state, with valuable skills, intelligence, and a positive attitude it is impossible to reinvent your life.

It takes a change of mindset, hunger for knowledge, willingness to learn, acquisition of valuable skills, and self-control to change and reinvent yourself.

The Spirit.

Cleanse your spirit of negative energy to reinvent yourself.

Your spirit holds the quality of energy you carry. You feel the way you feel because of the emotions in your heart where the spirit or soul sits.

If you are filled with bitterness, hate, spitefulness, etc. You need a change of energy.

Love, forgiveness, joy, empathy, and compassion will position you to make important changes in your life to reinvent yourself.

The cost of Self-Reinvention.

Between the life, you are living and the one you want to live is resistance. Between the person you are and the one you want to become is resistance.

Resistance means those things that hinder you from living that life or becoming that person you want to become. Resistance comes in form of fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, laziness, impulsivity, self-hate, self-doubt, impatience, inconsistency, giving up, discouragements, etc. Resistance is both from external and internal sources.

External sources can be people or situations in society that stop you from doing those important things you have to do to reinvent yourself. Internal sources are those limiting beliefs and fears that you succumb to when you attempt to reinvent yourself.

The cost of re-invention is your sacrifice and ability to overcome all those things that stand in your way to self reinvention. Overcoming resistance takes patience(time), consistency, and persistence.

You have to keep your eyes on the person you want to become as you walk through the furnace of painful workouts, long working hours, sacrifice, discouragements, failing and trying again, etc, with consistency, passion, persistence, and patience to reinvent yourself.

How to reinvent yourself.

You cannot expect different results in your life doing the same things. You have to change the way or how you do things to change the results you get.

If in your mind you have a strong thought fueled by a burning desire in your heart to reinvent yourself follow these five steps to reinventing your life.

Step one. Write down your re-invented self.

‘’If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal- you have a wish’’ Steve Maraboli.

Writing down our thoughts, goals, and objectives does not only stick them in our minds but also puts them in front of our eyes so we can see them and perceive them. They cease to be just mere wishes and become a vision.

Write down your goals in the self reinvention process.

Write down a description of the kind of person you want to become or the life you want to live. If you intend a full self reinvention put your body, mind, and spirit into consideration.

For the body, write down the kind of body you want to live in, how healthy you want it to be and how good you want it to look.

If it is your mind, write down the kind of state you want it to be in, how knowledgeable you want to be, the skills you want to have, the thoughts you want to have, etc.

If it is your spirit/heart, write down the kind of emotions you want to carry and the kind of state you want it to be in.

If you want to be rich or better at anything, it will be your healthy and strong body that will work for you, using the skills in your mind and the passion in your heart.

If you want to be a musician you have to have a body strong enough to sing or dance using the skills to sing in your mind and the love to sing in your heart.

If you intend to do a partial self-reinvention, write down a description of that very thing you want to reinvent about yourself.

Step Two. Find what you need to reinvent yourself.

You definitely need tools, people, money, etc to help you reinvent yourself.  For everything you need to change about yourself or your life, write down that which you need to help you change it.

If you want to lose weight, you might need a gym, diet plan, timetable for rest and working out, etc.

If you need a skill, you might need a tutor, mentor, training, etc

If you need a change of mindset or healing, you might need a psychiatrist, counselor, reconciliation, self-retrospect, etc.

If you want to be financially free, write down the things you can do to sustainably earn money. For example, starting a business, building an online course to sell, selling digital products etc.

Step three. Commit to reinventing yourself.

Start reinventing yourself. Do everything you have to do every day to get closer to your reinvented self. Self-reinvention is a compound product of small daily successes. If you can lay a brick or two per day, you will soon have a wall.

The brick may seem insignificant at the start or even midway but with enough days of laying a brick successfully, you will be surprised by the big wall they can make.

If you go to the gym and eat a low-calorie diet, you won’t notice the burned calories, but if you do it consistently for at least a month your weight won’t be the same on the weighing scale.

If you commit to learning a skill or knowledge, after a few months you won’t be a novice or the ignorant person you were on your first day.

It takes commitment to reinvent yourself. Commitment takes focus, concentration, consistency, persistency, and hard work.

Step four. Evaluate yourself.

Self-evaluation is very important when reinventing yourself. It keeps you in touch with yourself and your goal.

Frequently monitor yourself and evaluate your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contribution to what you want to become.

How much weight have you lost? How much progress have you acquired in your skill? Etc. Ask yourself those important questions when evaluating yourself until you get where you want to be.

Self-evaluation challenges you to perform better when you fall short of your daily successes. It challenges you not to waste time and energy on unimportant things so you can focus on those that contribute to rein-inventing yourself.

Step five.  Re-reinvent.

Self-reinvention is not a one-off attempt. It is a continual process that needs to be upgraded often. When we finally reinvent ourselves, we are now faced with different challenges that perhaps also need reinvention to be solved. If we do not address those challenges, we will most likely fall back to where we came from.

It is therefore very important to change our self-reinvention plan so it can match the new challenges or needs.

Take, for instance, if you were working out five days a week to lose weight and finally got your ideal body weight, you will have no reason to work out that much again.

However, if you stop working out, you will gain back the lost weight and lose your fitness. Plan to maintain by reducing your workout routine from five days to three or two days a week. You can then use that time to pursue other things you love.

If you finally have your business earning you money, plan to expand or diversify by starting another one.

If you manage to meditate for 10 minutes, shoot for 20.

The journey of self-reinvention is endless and needing of continuous upgrades.

Tips to reinvent yourself.

Look out for the positive in all situations, it will keep you going.

Declutter your environment to have more space and fewer distractions so you can be comfortably focused.

Heal your emotional wounds first so you do not carry them into your great future.

Design a routine and stick to it.

Get out of your comfort zone now so you can be comfortable in the future.

Slow down. Slow is the fastest way to go.

Convince yourself to take just one more step, then another, then another, your giving up mind will be able to overcome being overwhelmed.

Conclusion. Reinventing yourself takes time and a lot of sacrifices. However, it is that willingness and ability to go through all that it costs that sets you apart from a lot of people that are unhappy because of accepting a life they hate for their inability to pursue the one they want. I hope you have got an insight to kickstart your self-reinvention. Best wishes.

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