Virgo spirit animal. Which of these Virgo spirit animals suits you.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is so much concerned with input and processing as opposed to Gemini. Its industrious, caring, pragmatic, self-reliant, and humble traits are the archetype of the sign’s symbol, a maiden young woman.

Even though many people believe that Virgo has no animal in its symbol, I so much disagree. Human beings are animals. The young maiden is an animal. Man is an animal. The difference is our advanced nature compared to other animals.  

Nevertheless, Virgo has a variety of other animals that mirror its traits. Virgo rules the 6th house under which all pets and animals fall.

One of the traits that Virgo largely shares with animals is the need for order. Virgo loves to follow a routine each day just like animals do. This helps Virgo to avoid being overwhelmed and stressed ensuring sanity.

Without further ado, here is a list of spirit animals that match Virgo.

1. The Bear

Bear Virgo animal spirit

Virgo loves to keep to themselves and focus on their day’s work. Unless disturbed, Virgo rarely loses him/herself. The hardworking and peaceful bear isn’t any different.

It focuses on its routine tenaciously. Unless it plans to have you for dinner, it will not bother you. If you do not get in the way of Virgo or the bear, you will not be bothered.

Virgo and the bear are very industrious. They hold the creative energy. No wonder the symbol of Virgo is a maiden. In ancient times, a maiden was known as a symbol of fertility. Give a sperm (Input), she gets pregnant (processing) and gives you a child (product).

The bear and Virgo turn inputs into valuable things. They are inventors, creators, and artists.

The bear and Virgo love to be independent. They build their lives and environment to serve them and operate on their terms.

Virgo gets so deep in the flow. When it’s time to do something, Virgo finds it very easy to cut out all distractions and concentrate. Virgo strives for perfection hence the extreme focus to be keen on the smallest details.

The bear is typical of this too. Find it nurturing or feeding, you will need great effort to distract it.

Virgo and the bear are so intelligent. Their creativity and industriousness are controlled by a high intellect that fuels their hard work to get things done.

In some traditional cultures and communities, bears are a symbol of healing. Their beautiful look, raw power, and calm demeanor are a source of inner peace and tranquility that sparks self-reflection and awareness to receive healing. Virgo is highly altruistic and known for having healing abilities.

2. The Fox

Fox Virgo spirit animal

Foxes are a great match for the Virgo spirit animal. They are small in nature. However, they compensate for that with their quick wit and thinking ability to respond to their environment. Mercury-ruled Virgo, just like the fox uses more of its brains than physical strength.

The fox uses great focus to assess its environment. This enables it to think and respond appropriately with everything assessed, put into consideration.

Virgo often detaches from situations and analytically thinks with extreme focus keen to the smallest of details to come up with the perfect and effective insight.

For their love for routines and ability to focus, the fox and Virgo are very clear-minded. Virgo’s mutable sign also shows his/her high adaptability just like the fox.

The fox and Virgo have high immunity to tricky and challenging situations that get most people or animals stuck.

The only difference between the fox and Virgo is that the fox’s strive for independence is for total self-orientation while Virgo strives to use his/her independence to change lives, help people or uplift others even at the cost of his/her needs sometimes.

3. The Bee

If industriousness is the center of Virgo’s personality, then we can in no way leave out the bee on this list.

The bee has direct associations with Virgo. Virgo is ruled by mercury. The smallest planet in the solar system. Bees are very small too.

The most obvious commonality is their industriousness and busybodies. Bees are always up to something. Seeking all raw materials from flowers to wherever which they can process into honey. Just like the bee, Virgo is always following its day’s routine to get things done.

The bee and Virgo keep to their work even when they look unproductive. If it’s a Rubik’s cube, they will sit down and twist squares until they match despite any discouragements.

Due to their humble demeanor, speaking less, and doing more, their efforts and hard work are often overlooked until they miss work or do finish something they have silently been working on. If the bee is withdrawn from the ecosystem, the whole earth would collapse in a few years.

Virgo is just like the bee, the most hardworking in the zodiac. They are like the chef who makes a very delicious meal in a restaurant. They work behind the curtains and often never get the credit they deserve.

4. The Squirrel/Chipmunk

Squirrel or chipmunk virgo spirit animal

I went to Tororo in Uganda where people eat squirrels. I witnessed a hunt where two men dug up a tunnel and small caves that a squirrel had made underground. A small yet so hardworking animal.

The squirrel is very intelligent and attuned to order. Builds emergency exits in its habitants, stores food for the wet season, and is very quick to think. Just like the Squirrel, Virgo thinks and plans ahead.

In a workplace, Virgo gathers all necessary information and resources for both the present and the future. Virgo is always prepared.

Besides the squirrel and Virgo’s hard work, they often worry and are always alert to any threat. It is no wonder that they plan ahead and are always prepared.

5. The House Cat

Cat Virgo spirit animal

As we know, Virgo is greatly associated with pets and domestic animals. The cat is typical of a Virgo animal spirit.

Cats are very vigilant, observant, self-reliant, loners, selective and clean animals just like Virgo.

Virgos love a clean environment. They have a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder that would make them pause anything to make a place clean. They also love to have personal space. Common with the cat. Cats love their space and cleanliness. They regularly clean themselves.


Finally, we have five of the top Virgo spirit animals. However, they are not only five. Other animals like the snake, rabbit, mouse, and tailorbird can fit the Virgo animal spirit. The snake is a clean and self-reliant animal. The rabbit is very anxious and adaptable. The tailorbird loves perfectionism and is very industrious.  The mouse is known for its intelligence and resourcefulness. Virgo being the ruler of the 6th house which is inhabited by pets, makes you one with them. Getting a pet is perhaps something you should consider.

Also, understand the strengths of Virgo for self-alignment and prosperity. Which of the above spirit animals do you identify with? Share with me in the comments.

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